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Hey, the idea to create this website came when I was looking for the information about cosmetic plastic surgery on the internet. I wanted to find everything on one page, including full, interesting articles that can be like an answer to any banal question, photos, people stories, forum and etc. But unfortunately it was impossible- lots of sites had many articles, but there was no photo and conversely many photos with poor articles. So, I decided to create a website that will provide full information about the most popular cosmetic plastic surgical and nonsurgical procedures, including before and after photos, people stories, news and forum. Now you can see and judge the result of my work!

Well, if you want to remove unwanted hair or correct your vision by laser, to correct your nose shape or enlarge the size of your breast, even to lose weight choosing the brand-new method - liposuction, you are in the right way! This website is one of the most exhaustive sources of impartial information about cosmetic surgical and nonsurgical procedures!

As you noticed there is the section "real stories" on this website where people share their stories what they experienced before after cosmetic and plastic procedures. If you would like to share your story please send it to us to this email Image (email is not clickable due spam please type it manually in your email program)

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