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Double eyelid surgery PDF Print E-mail

Double eyelid surgery or Asian blepharoplasty is one of the most popular plastic surgeries among the Asian population. Most of Asian individuals think that upper eyelid is more attractive and can help to look not so sleepy and younger, as well as allows for the ladies to create a more beautiful make-up. And this is not surprising, if we compare any sphere of our life we will find out that we always want something that we do not have a bit more.

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Alternatives to blepharoplasty PDF Print E-mail

It depends upon how much help the eyelids require to look better. One of the alternatives is to get enough sleep and fresh air. The cutting down on smoking and drinking also can help. The light-reflective make up is available too. These means are the simplest.

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Blepharoplasty cost PDF Print E-mail

Eyelid surgery, as all cosmetic surgery, requires individual payment. You should be aware that most insurance company policies do not cover the cost of cosmetic surgery, except for some rare cases when cosmetic surgery is needed to reconstruct vital functions of the body organs. If sagging eyelids or bags under your eyes interfere with your vision, the cost of eyelid surgery may be covered by an insurance company. It is especially done if eyelid problems appear in a younger age.

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Blepharoplasty complications PDF Print E-mail

Even though eyelid surgery offers very good results, there are certain risks and complications that the procedure can possibly bring. You should know that such complications are very rare with blepharoplasty, however they are still possible. Surgery performed by a good and highly qualified doctor reduces risk for complications, nonetheless there is still some risk remaining.

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Blepharoplasty results PDF Print E-mail

Eyes are the center of your face. In some cultures, they are believed to be a mirror of a person’s soul. However, tired looking eyes and tired glance is something you do not want to have. This can be achieved by blepharoplasty, eyelid surgery in other words. Although it takes some time to wait for the surgery results, this cosmetic procedure offers you excellent and long-lasting or even permanent results.

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After blepharoplasty PDF Print E-mail

Many people assume that plastic surgery is a magical procedure that gives excellent blepharoplasty results straight after one gets up from a surgery table. However, this assumption is wrong and hence such people may be disappointed when they realize that they would have to wait for the results to show up. Since healing is a gradual process, you will have to go through all the stages until you can enjoy your beautiful new looks.

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Blepharoplasty surgery PDF Print E-mail

If you consider having eyelid surgery you might be unsure about how serious and complicated this surgical procedure is. You might also have some questions on how blepharoplasty is performed, how long it takes and how long would you have to stay in a hospital. This chapter will basically answer most of your questions on eyelid surgery process.

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Before blepharoplasty PDF Print E-mail

As before all surgeries there are certain preparations to be done before having blepharoplasty. Usually, everything is explained by your surgeon, so this will give you only the basics about what you should do before surgery.

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The best candidates for blepharoplasty PDF Print E-mail

The best way to decide if you are a good candidate for the procedure or not is to look in the mirror. If you look older than you are, tired although you do not feel you are, blepharoplasty might be the answer. However, being in need for eyelid surgery does not necessarily mean that you are a suitable candidate for the procedure, since there are other conditions and aspects you must meet in order to be a good candidate.

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What is blepharoplasty? PDF Print E-mail

As people get older their bodies change. These changes are associated with many reasons and aging is one of the most important reasons of all. Not only the body functions of older people change but also their appearance does. Since the looks is so important many people worry about the fact that they do not look as beautiful as they used to and start looking for the means to improve their appearance. Eyelid surgery is one of the corrective procedures that are able to improve people’s appearance and make them feel better about how they look.

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