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Breast augmentation

Male breast enhancement PDF Print E-mail

Female breast surgery, both enhancement and reduction, has been popular especially recently. Sometimes men are also curious about male chest plastic surgery . Usually, working out at the gym helps men build up their chest muscles and look masculine. However, some men will never achieve desired results even with extensive exercise and effort. Male chest enhancement will enlarge the size and shape of the chest.

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Breast implant size PDF Print E-mail

If you are considering having breast augmentation , one of the hardest and most important decisions is to choose the right implant size. The most common reason why women undergo additional breast surgery is to change the current implant size to a more optimal. In order to avoid further plastic surgery changes and to choose the right implant size for you, you may want to read more about breast implant sizes . Even though your surgeon will give you all information you need, this article will provide with the basic information on breast implant size.

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Breast asymmetry PDF Print E-mail

Some say that nature loves asymmetry in everything. Most subjects that are paired usually are not identically the same. However, sometimes asymmetry can be noticeable too much, which could lead a person to certain psychological problems. Breast asymmetry is one of such examples.

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Breast reconstruction PDF Print E-mail

Breast cancer is one of the most common malignant diseases among women all over the world. Statistics show that 1 out of 7 women can get this type of cancer during their lifetime. Most women who are cured with breast cancer need to have their breast removed (mastectomy). Luckily, new reconstructive surgery methods and equipment available today made breast reconstruction possible. Even better, breast can be created immediately after it has been removed due to disease, so that the patient wakes up after plastic surgery and has a new breast. Psychologically it is very rewarding, because the patient does not have to go through the period when she does not have a breast at all.

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Breast implant revision PDF Print E-mail

Breast implant revision is a type of plastic surgery , during which earlier inserted implants can be replaced with new ones or removed completely. Earlier only silicone implants were used. Nowadays, saline-filled breast implants are considered to be safer ones, since they are filled with salt water, that can be absorbed by the organism in case of leakage. Many women have breast implant revision in order to have their old silicone implants replaced with saline-filled implants or with newer silicone implants. Life of older silicone implants is about ten years. Therefore, such implants should be removed and replaced with new ones.

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Breast reconstruction after breast cancer PDF Print E-mail

breast reconstructionWorldwide the breast cancer (a cancer of breast tissue) is the most common form of cancer in female. The surgeon always recommends mastectomy. It means that woman will lose a breast, but will have a chance to survive. However, woman may be grappling with the emotional aspects after loosing a breast and sometimes decides to have a breast reconstruction procedure. Fortunately, today this plastic surgery is available for many women, who had a mastectomy.

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Breast enhancement pills PDF Print E-mail

For those who want their breasts to be enlarged but do not wish to undergo expensive and exhaustive surgical breast augmentation , breast enhancement pill may be the answer.

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Alternatives to breast augmentation PDF Print E-mail

A lot of women undergo breast augmentation surgery to reshape or to enlarge the breasts. Every woman wants to have beautiful bust! Breast augmentation is not the only way.

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Breast enhancement cream PDF Print E-mail

Natural breast enhancement cream is used either to enlarge breasts or treat sagging breasts by improving their elasticity and making them firmer.

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Natural breast enhancement PDF Print E-mail

natural breast enhancementFor those women, who wish to have their breast larger but for some reason does not want to overcome breast augmentation surgery, there is a solution. There is an option, commonly called natural or non-surgical breast enhancement.

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