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The use of alcohol after cosmetic plastic surgery

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stop drinkingThe theme of the article was not selected incidentally. Alcohol has become a part of entertainment. Many people consume it. They are used to drink alcohol drinks on a daily basis (glass of beer or wine). The question “Can I drink alcohol before and after the operation?” is very frequent amongst people who decide to undergo cosmetic/plastic surgery. Doctors strictly recommend not doing this.

If you are a person who consume alcohol you should stop doing this one week prior to operation, because alcohol fouls the organism. It slows the movement of food through the stomach and irritates the stomach lining, what can cause vomit. Also alcohol can cause the effect of sedative agent, in such case it would be more difficult for the anesthesiologist to measure the proper doses of anesthetics.

After the plastic surgery patients should avoid consuming any alcohol drinks during the next 48 hours, because alcohol dilates blood vessels what leads to postoperative bleeding. This negative factor can ruin the results of surgery. Prescribing the pain medicine doctors always warn their patients that the combination of alcohol and pain relief pills can be very dangerous. It can raise serious health problems and even lead to death.

PLEASE BE CAREFUL AND PATIENT, DON’T DRINK ANY ALCOHOL DRINKS, EVEN LIGHT ONE!! Alcohol really can damage your health and destroy the results of plastic surgery , even more, it can cause bleeding and negative effects on your organism, such as vomiting or sick- headache. In a few weeks after cosmetic/plastic surgery patients if they really want may drink alcohol drinks but in moderation, otherwise they know what can happen! Excessive consumption of alcohol increases the chances to damage the results of surgery. The best would be to forget about any alcohol drinks during the recovery time instead use your time for more useful things, such as walking, doing light exercises, cosset yourself with massage procedures.

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2006-12-12 02:00:02
I am getting rhinoplasty and I know it says that you should wait 48 hours..but would you say 10 days is safe to be drinking and walk around at parties w/out injuring the bone?

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