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Do you really need it? Abbie story about liposuction

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tearsMy name is Abbie, I'm 22 and I made the biggest mistake of my life. I had liposuction when I didn't really need it. Ever since I turned eight I had problems with my weight. I was constantly on a diet. At my 19th birthday I decided to have liposuction.

The operation was a success as the surgeon didn't remove too much fat. After that I lost some more weight for a year and the compliments started rolling in. I was complimented all the time at how good I looked. But at home it was always, "You need to exercise, your skin is wobbly, and your butt is huge" and my sisters were always talking about their weight or our weight. This was such a big issue in the house. Then I went through some really traumatic events in my life. Events that made me think that people only wanted to talk to me because I looked good and not for whom I am on the inside. I started to believe that more and more and that’s when I began to strive for perfection. I was also very sad and depressed at the time. This led to bulimia which I suffered in silence from for about 2 years.

As much as I tried to stop I couldn't and I come from a place where this sickness is unacceptable and my parents would think I was stupid or insane to do something like this. I had no one to turn to. So I turned to liposuction once again. I thought it would stop my bulimia. That’s when it all went downhill for me. My mother was against the idea and she thought that by leaving the country I might not go through with it. This was her way of dealing with our problems. She always ran away. My sister was against it but she didn’t make that much of an effort to stop me. My other sister actually had the operation a week before I did. Anyways I had it done and with my luck, the surgeon got a little too enthusiastic and removed a lot more than I had asked for, leaving me with lots of loose skin and hollow areas in my thighs and my buttocks sagged. I now have a very unfeminine body and lots of irregularities in my thighs. To this day I wish I had not done it. I was fine with the body I had before. Now I feel ugly. But I'm working on it. I go to the gym 6 days a week and I eat a lot healthier, something I should have done before the op. I still have to work on the mental. I am still emotionally scarred and I don't really know when I'll start to fully accept my body again if I ever will. I have my good days and then there are the bad days.

I want to tell those who are considering liposuction to please think twice and three times about it. It really is not a permanent solution. Any mistake and you could end up even more emotionally scarred than before. My best advice to you is to really learn to love yourself the way you are. If you do then it will show and that’s why people will love you back. Not because you look good but because you feel good about yourself. I wish someone had given me this advice before I'd done the operation. And if there are parents reading this, please tell your children everyday how beautiful they really are and how perfect they are because your opinion is the one that counts the most to them. I'm not bulimic anymore but I still can't talk to my parents about these issues. And I can't really talk to my family about how I feel now either because they all have problems of their own and I feel like I have to let go and start moving on with my life otherwise I'll end up tearing my self apart. I deal with each day as it comes and I tell myself I still have my health because that is the most important thing in life and that I am better off than so many other people. Thank you, God. Live your life to the fullest, enjoy every moment and most important, Love yourself, because you're all that and some more.

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2006-01-30 07:52:45
Im sorry this is the way Abbie felt after having surgery, I wish her well. I have had several procedures done in the past year, although i agree people dont love you anymore for doing this, surgery has to be something you think long and hard about and only do because YOU!!! want to do it. I had a breast enlargement and a tummy tuck done last April, my husband was happy with the way i looked, but after having three children i didnt feel good about my body shape. It was the best thing i ever had done (but not everyone feels the same). I have just now gone through liposuction on my buttocks, inner and outer thighs, flanks, hips and chin... right now i cant see all the results as im still really swollen the only thing i can see is that i finally have bum cheeks!!!! Luckily for me i live in Cyprus at the moment so surgery is less costly than in the UK and i have found an excellent surgeon and i know this isnt always the case....... so anyone out there thinking about surgery i would say follow the folloeing steps....... 
1. Think long and hard about why you want surgery. ( and remember do it because you want to not because someone else thinks you should) 
2. Find a surgeon whom can show you after results of his work or put you in touch with previous patients. 
3. Dont let other peoples stories put you off, remember we only hear about the bad surgeries never the hundreds and thousands of ones that turn out good. 
2006-02-02 19:31:36
I am seriously considering having liposuction and maybe a tummy tuck as I have hated my baby pouch for the last thirteen years, ever since having my first child. I now have three children, the youngest is eight. I'm a bit scared about the tummy tuck as I recently asked a friend of a friend if I could see her scar. I was slightly horrified at how big it was and the width of the scar. She had lost about four stone and was thrilled with the results. I just would like the opinion of someone who has had it done after like me has just got a bit of a flabby belly through having kids. Is the scar neater if you're not as big in the first place.????
2006-02-03 14:01:07
Hi my friend has just had a tummy tuck done and she is a size 16 - 18, she knew it wasnt a way of loosing weight but just wanted her stomach to be flat and not roll. Her scar is much bigger than mine. Mine goes from hip bone to hip bone but down in the middle, it was the best thing i ever did my confidence became greater, and living in Cyprus i felt much more comfortable in my swimwear. But again it depends on your surgeon and im lucky to have found a good one. If you want to look at the site for the surgeon i used its called 2bbeautiful, jackie works as a pa for him and has had a tummy tuck also she is from really nice and easy to communicate with. If you want to know anything else ill be happy to let you know.!! My email is
2006-04-19 13:44:20
hi there i am sorry to hear things went the way they did abby.. for i live in australia and and this friday i am going back to my surgeon after a year of seeing him to see if he can do lipo and a tummy tuck for in my past i have had alot of troubles and i know that it may not do what i realey want for its been 18years since i have fitted into a pair jeans that i like but i am going to discuss this to him for i was going to just get a tummy tuck but i have tried so much to loose the weight we both agreed on but no such luck there are medical conditions why i have to have it done also not just because i would love to have sex with my husband or go shopping with my four girls and buy some jeans or something to fit into it how great that would be its very frustration and as well very physically mental for all the family as well mainly for me so my heart goes out to you and i had a question would it be best to do a tummy tuck for the extra skin first up and then see what happens or do you think i should wait and see what the doctors say on this friday??????love to hear from you or anyone Jo......
2006-04-19 20:25:50
hi , my i had done the same mistake u did , not only once but three times , every time i dont fell satisfy so i want to remove mor and mor to be perfect , i wish i didnt i have to say untill the second sergury i was ok and my body was really close to perfection , my husband was not happy at all with all these liopos but i insists .i wish i valued his advice when he told me i have a very nice fimenin body , now i feel ugly every time i look in the miror i cry i waisted my fimenin body , i dont know what to do , they told me i cant gain fat in the same treated area i m so misereble . 
2006-04-27 00:14:11
hi is anyone nline need advice about liposuction? 
2006-05-10 18:25:22
Just a question to anyone who has had lipo. I had a procedure done about 6 months ago and now have this bulge coming out from my thigh. My husband says it looks like a pouch and has suggested not wearing short this summer. I am crushed. I have lost over 100 pounds had a tummy tuck done and a lower body lift. Not sure what is causing this pouch. Another surgeon is suggesting yet more lipo which really scares me. Not sure if it will fix the problem
2006-06-15 20:35:20
hi,im from the uk and i will be having facial liposuction.has anyone here had it done and does anyone know the recovery time after surgery? thanx
2006-06-19 23:20:32
I want to help you. I work for a nationally syndicated television show in NY where you can tell your story and hopefully get the help that you're looking for. Please email me at
2006-06-23 06:33:09
I had liposuction done onmy arms adn inner thighs four weeks ago. to date i can not see any real positive results. is it too soon? My arms seem worse to me because the skin is fflabby.
2006-07-10 14:37:41
i am 40, normal weight for my height but always bothered about my tummy. had lipo done 2 weeks ago and already i can see the results and i am very happy. you surgeon should tell you of al the pros and cons of the surgery taking into consideration your type of build and type of skin. I was warned that i may have baggy skin because my skin has many stretch marks after 3 births... but so far i everything is fine. 
anyone going to do this operation must ask how the operation will affect them personaly 
good luck :grin
2006-07-30 11:06:25
Hi, I'm from the uk. I had lipo to my inner/outer thighs,hips upper/lower tummy, back and waist. Intially I was very happy with the results. However, over time and exercise a year has past from my first (tummy area) procedure and I'm now having a ftt on 04/07/06 to hopefully remove all the horrid saggy skin on my abdomen (which was created from the lipo). I never expected to have have ftt, but as the tummy looks worse than before. I would most probably opted for the ftt rather than the lipo last year. 
I'm hoping this will be the miracle we all look for!
2006-08-03 16:13:48
im from the uk and having lip in a few weeks, i have my finaly pre op consulatation today, i have done so much research on it and the answers seem very simple, it all depends on your skin elasticity and the amount of fat beingf removed as to whether or not you will get saggy skin, cellulite is something that cant be predicted as it is superficial fat and isnt removed with lipo, sometimes it comes sometimes it doesnt, i am a size ten and have what some people would see as quite a good figure but we as women know if you are not happy with something then nothing anyone else says will change it, i have always been unhappy with my pear shape and after two years in the gym and eating healthily i am finally having the op as the fat wont budge, the only advice i would give to anyone considering it is dont cut costs, get the best surgeon you can and only do it for yourself never for anyone else. Good luck ladies
2007-01-05 06:15:03
I'm thinking about a tummy tuck. I've lost from 205 to 165. I still have flab in my belly that hangs. Can the fat and loose skin be removed to make a flat stomach? I dont want to mess up.
2007-03-22 20:08:35
hi im 22 and i really can't stand my body anymore i use to be thinner and now im big again i just want to get lipo under my arms and tummy im wondering if its a good idea

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