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Tummy tuck

Pregnancy after tummy tuck PDF Print E-mail

Tummy tuck, also called abdominoplasty in professional medical language, is a plastic surgery procedure during which excess fatty tissue and skin are removed from the abdomen and the abdominal muscles are tightened, if needed. This procedure is usually needed for women, whose skin and muscles have stretched after pregnancy. But even though this procedure is performed after pregnancies, some women may want to have a baby afterwards, and then they start to worry if they can.

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Reverse abdominoplasty PDF Print E-mail

Excess skin above the belly button troubles many women. And this is no surprise. In many of such cases the main thing to blame is pregnancy, weight gain and weight loss. As big or flabby abdomen can make women feel unhappy the big part of them are sweating in the gym and trying various programs of body shaping which is sometimes not enough. There is always another option and in it can be an abdominoplasty . This time there will be an introduction to one of the specific type of it – the reverse abdominoplasty.

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Alternatives to tummy tuck PDF Print E-mail

Tummy tuck procedure is performed when the unnecessary skin is left in abdomen area after the loosing weight. Patients who have unnecessary skin and fat on the abdomen are best treated with a tummy tuck. Still some people don’t want to undergo tummy tuck and prefer to choose the alternative of it.

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Mini tummy tuck PDF Print E-mail

Partial abdominoplasty or mini tummy tuck is the most popular tummy tuck technique.

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Is tummy tuck painful? PDF Print E-mail

Pain is something that people are afraid of. They do not wish to suffer any pain or discomfort associated with the treatment. “Is tummy tuck painful?” is probably the most frequently given question of all.

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Tummy tuck cost PDF Print E-mail

Tummy tuck as all cosmetic surgery includes some costs. You should be aware that beauty costs – both financially and physically. It includes some efforts and patience as well as some additional finances.

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Tummy tuck complications PDF Print E-mail

Even though tummy tuck, when performed by a qualified and experienced surgeon, offers very good results, there are certain risks and complications that the procedure can possibly bring. It is important for you to know that there is no such surgical intervention that would be totally safe and without any risk or possible complications. Although complications associated with abdominoplasty are relatively rare but possible, and patients should be aware of them prior planning to have tummy tuck done.

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Tummy tuck results PDF Print E-mail

If you tried all the possible diets and exercise but were not able to achieve good results in losing your big belly, you might be interested in tummy tuck. Because results achieved by this procedure are something you would never accomplish by an ordinary diet or hard exercise. You might lose weight and strengthen your body muscles but you will always have trouble with tightening your loose skin, unless you choose tummy tuck.

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After tummy tuck PDF Print E-mail

Tummy tuck guarantees excellent results and improved appearance but if you hope to look perfect straight after surgery, you will be disappointed. It takes time for the wounds to heal and for your body to recover completely. Therefore you should be aware to be patient after your surgery, since it will take time to recover and enjoy the results.

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Tummy tuck surgery PDF Print E-mail

Since the very first abdominoplasty, had been performed the method was improved and modified. There are many variations of the type and design of incisions and the surgery technique itself.

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