Male breast enhancement

Female breast surgery, both enhancement and reduction, has been popular especially recently. Sometimes men are also curious about male chest plastic surgery . Usually, working out at the gym helps men build up their chest muscles and look masculine. However, some men will never achieve desired results even with extensive exercise and effort. Male chest enhancement will enlarge the size and shape of the chest.

Another reason for having male breast enhancement surgery is reduced chest muscles due to injury or growth defect. In these cases pectoral implants can help men achieve desired masculine look, and make them more self-conscious about their bodies.

Male breast enhancement

Male chest enlargement surgery is quite a new method in plastic surgery , and not many procedures have been performed so far in the USA. Not all men can undergo this plastic surgery. The best candidates are men, who are at least 18 years old. These candidates should have realistic expectations, and be in a good physical and emotional health.

Active diseases, such as asthma or hypertension, may interfere with the surgery results and make the procedure more difficult to perform.

Once you decide to undergo this type of plastic surgery, you will need to find and make an appointment with a plastic surgeon. On your initial consultation, you and your doctor will talk about how you want to look after plastic surgery. The surgeon will describe about the procedure itself and its risks and possible complications.

Your doctor will gather a medical history. Therefore, it is best if you could provide all the information about your past and present diseases, surgeries, and medications that your take. He/she will also give you certain directions on the diet, smoking and drinking. Smokers will be asked to resume smoking at least two weeks prior and after plastic surgery.

Male pectoral implants

Deciding which pectoral implant would be most suitable for you is a very important task, and your doctor will help you with that. There are pre-shaped implants available that are mostly suitable for men, who want to gain a masculine look through surgery. Custom implants are mostly for men with growth defects. It may take six to eight weeks to produce a special implant according to a mold of the chest.

Your doctor will explain all possible options for you and help you to choose the most suitable implant, size and shape. The aim of this type of plastic surgery is to achieve the result that is as natural as possible.

Male breast enhancement cost

Another aspect to be considered before surgery, is the cost of the procedure. An average cost of pectoral implant surgery varies from $4,000 to $8,000, depending on the state and plastic surgeon. If your chest muscles are underdeveloped due to injury or growth defects, pectoral implant surgery cost may be covered by health insurance. Ask your insurance provider in order to find that out.

Make sure to ask all the questions you want about the procedure, its risks. Ask if a doctor could show other patients’ surgery photos before and after.

Male pectoral implant surgery

Male pectoral implant surgery may be performed at the hospital or surgical office. The procedure takes from one to two hours or longer if endoscopic method is used. This type of plastic surgery is performed under general anesthesia, therefore, you will be asleep during the procedure and will not feel any pain. Since in most cases this pectoral implant surgery is performed on an outpatient basis, you will be able to leave the hospital on the same day as the procedure is done.

Once both you and your doctor decide that you are a good candidate for chest surgery, both of you will decide which pectoral implant size and shape suits best for your chest area. The procedure starts with a small incision in the armpit. Then the implant is inserted endoscopically using a special device with a thin tube with a camera to guide the surgeon. Although, non-endoscopic methods are sometimes preferred, endoscopic surgery minimizes incision size and bleeding.

A pectoral implant is inserted under the pectoral muscle. The surgeon puts sutures on the incision and the procedure is done. The implants stay in place due to the pectoral muscles or sutures.

As male pectoral implant surgery is performed under general anesthesia, you will not experience any pain during the procedure itself. After surgery you may experience some pain and discomfort that may be controlled with pain medications. Endoscopic surgery methods help to reduce pain involved in the chest enlargement procedure.

After surgery your doctor will place dressings on the operated area. You will then need to change bandages every day, in order to prevent infection. Most patients are advised to wear an elastic dressing or vest in order to reduce swelling.

Getting back to normal is a long gradual process, and you need to be patient until you can see final results of the plastic procedure. After surgery, you may feel some pain, which can be reduced with pain medications. Swelling and bruising is common after male pectoral implant surgery, and should resume within a few weeks. Although final results are usually seen after six weeks, most operated men are able to return to work and their normal activities within two weeks after this type of surgery. But bear in mind that you need to avoid strenuous exercise for at least a month.

Male breast augmentation side effects

As with any surgery, male breast enhancement surgery carries some uncertainty and risks. Although very rare complications are still possible, and you should be aware of them prior to getting this cosmetic procedure . The most common risks are bleeding from the incision area, which could lead to subcutaneous accumulation of blood and bruising.

Since male pectoral implants are not filled with liquids, in comparison with female ones, there is no risk of breakage or leaking. Infection is also a rare but possible complications. Therefore, inform your doctor if you start feeling worse day by day, or if you experience any symptoms of infection, such as fever, headache, pain, redness of the operated site and other.

If the implant does not stay in place correctly, you may need to undergo additional surgery in order to replace this implant with another one. The risk can be minimized by following your doctor’s advice very carefully. Bear in mind that although pectoral implants change the way your chest looks, they do not add strength to your chest muscles.

Most patients are extremely satisfied with the results of male chest enlargement surgery. These pectoral implants can be left in your body for the whole life, unless they may need to be removed due to complications. Although pectoral implants improve the appearance of your chest and enhance your self-esteem, they cannot change other people’s opinion about you. Therefore, having realistic expectations about male pectoral implant surgery is one of the key points before undergoing this procedure.

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