Breast implant size

If you are considering having breast augmentation , one of the hardest and most important decisions is to choose the right implant size. The most common reason why women undergo additional breast surgery is to change the current implant size to a more optimal. In order to avoid further plastic surgery changes and to choose the right implant size for you, you may want to read more about breast implant sizes . Even though your surgeon will give you all information you need, this article will provide with the basic information on breast implant size.

Women have different expectations from breast augmentation surgery . Some are certain that they want to be a C cup or even double D, others want the augmentation to be minimal so that others would not notice a dramatic change.

First advice is for women, who want to have their breasts enlarged, to decide what cup they would like to be. Women should not be conservative about it and should not worry that some people might notice the change, since more covering clothes may be worn at first to cover the enlargement. Most important is to get the result you really wanted, disregarding other people’s attitude.

Bra cup size is not a good parameter to use for determining the size of a breast implant. Different styles and types of bras have different sizes. So, what is a C cup with one bra may be a D cup on the other.

In addition, women wear their bras differently. Some wear them the way that breasts bulge out at the top, other wear loose bras leaving more space for their breasts. Hence, a bra size is not a criteria.

Breast implant size

The best way to choose the right breast implant size is to make a nude photo of yourself a straight on shot and side profile. Then, you can bring these photos to the surgeons office to discuss how much larger you want your breast to look after surgery. You may also want to show different pictures as examples for what would be too big or too small for you.

After deciding approximately what you want your doctor may ask you to bring different clothing, like bathing suites, t-shirts, dresses and clothes with a cleavage. It is advisable to use a sports bra for trying on different implant sizes, since it gives the closest image how the implant will look after surgery, since it holds the implants very similar like the natural tissue.

250 ml is a cup. 1 cc is approximately 1 ml. Usually breasts look smaller after plastic surgery . Therefore if you want your breast 1 cup larger, you may want to ask a surgeon to add 10 to 15 percent more volume to your breast implant.

Different implant sizes look different on various women. Therefore, you should not take an example from others, because the same shape and size of an implant will look different on you. The main factors that determine how the breast implant will look are height, weight, chest shape, breast shape, breast width and tissue stretch characteristics.

The largest legally available implant size is 1200cc. However, there are very few women who would choose such a size. Most frequently women choose the size of a breast implant from 250cc to 675cc.

The most important steps you need to make before determining your breast implant size are the following:

  • Taking a nude picture of yourself from the from and side;
  • Looking at nude pictures of other women to decide what is too large or too small for you;
  • Trying different sizes of implants with a sports bra in different clothing in front of the mirror;
  • Choosing a bigger filling of a bra implant than you like in the mirror. For example, if your like a 250 cc breast implant size, your should choose to have 275 cc breast implant to have the same result as the one in the mirror after plastic surgery;
  • Consulting your plastic surgeon thoroughly about all the questions that bother you.

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