After blepharoplasty

Many people assume that plastic surgery is a magical procedure that gives excellent blepharoplasty results straight after one gets up from a surgery table. However, this assumption is wrong and hence such people may be disappointed when they realize that they would have to wait for the results to show up. Since healing is a gradual process, you will have to go through all the stages until you can enjoy your beautiful new looks.

After eyelid surgery

You will have to follow your doctor’s instructions on how to behave after surgery. Your doctor will probably apply some ointment and a bandage straight after eyelid surgery is done. You may feel some discomfort and your eyelids will probably feel sore but this can be perfectly controlled with any pain killers. You should be aware that there will be some bruising and swelling which, depending on an individual case, may last from two weeks to a month. In order to make bruising disappear faster you will be advised to use cold applications and to keep your head elevated until bruising and swelling are reduced.

Other changes after eyelid surgery may include itchiness of your eyes and this could be controlled with administration of artificial teardrops. You may also experience a blurred or double vision for some time after surgery and your eyes might be hypersensitive to light. This should not worry you since this is considered a normal process of recovery.

You should come for a regular check-up for a week or two after blepharoplasty . Stitches may be removed within a week post-operatively and you should then start looking and feeling better. Be aware that you will not be able to wear contact lenses for about two weeks but ask your doctor when it is time to wear them. After a few days after surgery you will probably be able to read or watch TV. Your eyelids may look worse for the first week after surgery but many people return to their normal lives and jobs within a week or ten days after surgery. If your healing process goes smoothly, you might be able to hide bruising under make-up.

Although eyelid surgery is a minimal cosmetic procedure , there are still some precautions for you to take post-operatively. These include sunglasses to protect from sun and wind and application of a specific sun block used for eyelids. You should also avoid physical activity for the first week and hard exercise should be avoided for at least three weeks after surgery. You should particularly avoid weight-lifting, bending and other sports that elevate blood pressure. And since alcohol causes fluid retention, you want to avoid it too.

Healing process varies from person to person but what you need to know is that with patience you will be able to achieve long-term or even permanent results. Although incision lines may remain pink for up to six months but they will be barely visible after that. With a qualified surgeon’s help and your will to follow all the instructions carefully you will enjoy your bright, youthful look for many years after eyelid surgery.

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