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I’m 44 years old, married with 1 child. I’ve been wearing glasses since I was 15. My current prescription is:

Left Eye: SPH -3.25, Cyl -1.25, Axis 010

Right Eye: SPH -2.75, Cyl -1.25, Axis 160

I had my consultation on 25/06/05 and was recommended to have Ultra-Lasik Plus due to slight aberration in both eyes. I’m due to have my treatment on this Saturday, 23/07/05 at Leeds. At Present I’m feeling fine about everything and can’t wait, but I’m sure come the day the nerves will rise. So fingers crossed for Saturday.


Well, I’ve gone and done it. It’s very soon after and every thing is still a little hazy and blurry. Although much better than before treatment without glasses. I’m going to rest my eyes for the rest of the day and hopefully tomorrow will bring clear vision. The treatment itself went without problem although my eyes were sore for 2 or 3 hours. That has now eased. The flap cut was the worst bit but wasn’t too bad and only lasted a few seconds. The actual laser bit was a bit of an anti-climax – just stare at the red light hear the slight noise of the laser doing its thing and not notice it was doing anything.

Treatment Day + 1

I’ve just got back from my 1 day check up in Leeds. I have 6/6 in my left eye, 6/5 in my right eye and with both eyes together. To say I’m pleased is an understatement. I have halos when looking at lights etc. but this isn’t too bad and hopefully this will go as the days go by. At present I have little discomfort, hardly anymore than when wearing contact lenses. I’m still trying to rest my eyes as much as possible, just so I don’t over do it. As I am not having any real problems at the moment I think it would be easy to do so.

Treatment Day + 2

I woke up this morning and right eye was stinging slightly, though not enough to be of concern. Yesterday my right eye was the one that was feeling OK and it was the left eye that was a touch sore. Today my left eye is fine. They must be taking it in turns Eye sight in right eye was also slightly blurred until about 11am but has been fine since. I’m still finding it difficult to look at the computer screen/TV when the background is bright. I’ve changed the color scheme on the computer and turned the brightness down and this has helped. Tec on screen is a little blurred when the screen is bright. I think it’s the halo effect running into the text. I am sure this will rectify itself in the days to come. So far I think things are going extremely well and I am chuffed to bits. I am feeling more confident now about the final results.

First day of being able to drive

When I went for my acute C/U I was advised that although my eyesight was well above driving standard it was best to leave it three days before driving. Today being the third day after the C/U I decided to drive my wife to work. I was a little nervous even though I could read number plates well past the 20.5 meters required for driving. My right eye was a little bleary. I needn’t have worried. I was fine. My right eye is a bit dry today though. No discomfort, just slight fuzziness as if it has the thinnest layer of grease across it. This goes off after putting drops in and "resting" my eye for a few minutes. Overall both eyes slowly continue to improve and reading the computer screen is a little easier still than yesterday. Looking towards bright areas still glaring although again slightly better. I had been wearing light sunglasses most of the time, even indoors, which was helping to reduce the strain on my eyes. I no longer need them indoors and outdoors they are just preventing critters and things from flying into my eyes and helping at the infrequent times that the sun comes out.

Recovery still going well

So far I seem to have had a relatively easy time since the zap. I have had some problems with dry eyes, haloes, difficulty reading computer screens etc. However, these have not been severe. I’ve now stopped using the Antibiotic and Anti-inflammatory eye drops. I’ve only had to use the artificial tears once today, first thing after getting up. My eyes have been fine since then. First big test is tomorrow when I go back to work. I use a computer virtually all day. Whilst looking at the screen is a lot better now than earlier in the week I am having a problem focusing using both eyes. Individually either eye can focus on the screen, but together seems to be a problem. I know that I have breaks away from pc, cause my eyes and brain are still adjusting to the change.

After 10 days  my vision is great – 20/20 in both eyes. Although my left eye is the better of the two. Strange since at my 1 day appointment it was the other way round. Doctor checked my eyes very thoroughly and was genuinely impressed by the standard of the surgery. Everything was healing well. I’m still having some dryness first thing in a morning, but nothing that not sorted with the eye drops. Although, the optician suggested some sort of gel for use at night time instead of the Hypromellose as the gel apparently lasts longer and would help with the dryness first thing. I would have tried it as I am sure it would help but at the moment it’s manageable and didn’t want to pay £5 for it from him. I suppose if I’d gone back for my checkup they would have given me this for free if they felt I needed it. And only 3 more nights to go with the eye shields.

After 3 more days eyeshields are not necessy anymore! Eyes are recovering great with very little dryness now.  I’m really happy!

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