Blepharoplasty results

Eyes are the center of your face. In some cultures, they are believed to be a mirror of a person’s soul. However, tired looking eyes and tired glance is something you do not want to have. This can be achieved by blepharoplasty, eyelid surgery in other words. Although it takes some time to wait for the surgery results, this cosmetic procedure offers you excellent and long-lasting or even permanent results.

Blepharoplasty results

By removing excess fat and skin from lower and upper eyelids, eyelid surgery removes puffiness of upper lids and bags below the eyes. This causes you look rested, younger and alert. Eyelid surgery offers excellent results that are long-lasting or even permanent to most of the patients. However, hereditary or individual life-style factors may influence how long the results will last.

Excess fat that is removed from the lower and upper eyelids should not accumulate again in those places. Despite that, the aging process continues meaning that the skin gradually loses its elasticity and becomes even less firm. As a result of this process, your appearance might change a little bit. Some people eventually seek for plastic surgeon’s help after some time. Still to most people plastic eyelid surgery results last at least more than ten years.

You should bear in mind that scars may remain visible for something like six months or more. Since upper and lower lids are operated in two different techniques, when performed transconjuntively, blepharoplasty leaves no visible scar on the lower eyelid at all. A scar on the upper lid may be visible as a pink thin line for a few months after surgery and can be easily covered with make-up. Fortunately, in six month time the pink color fades away leaving a thin almost invisible white line

Eyelid surgery not only improves your overall appearance, gives you a bright, youthful look but also may enhance your self-esteem. Knowing that you look your age and beautiful will make you feel better about yourself. Nobody will be asking if you are tired when you are not. And you will be no longer tired of looking tired. An increased self-confidence is especially helpful to those who are back again to the dating period.

Additionally, blepharoplasty may improve one’s peripheral vision. Sagging upper eyelids may interfere with one’s vision, especially peripheral one. They may be an obstacle to see the objects at the sides of your visual field. Having eyelid surgery performed your peripheral vision will return to normal unless there are other problems of the eyes, such as glaucoma, that may affect your vision.

Since patients continue to get older even after surgery, their skin loses elasticity and additional problems may occur. Such problems are wrinkling of the area around the eyes, loss of tone of the forehead area and sagging eyebrows. If such problems occur, patients may want to have additional surgical procedures. These may be forehead lift, facelift, brow lift or an extra eyelid surgery. However, even with changing times and appearance most patients are more than happy with their new looks and surgery results. And since these results are nearly permanent, patients have no reason to complain. If they do — there is always a professional and high-qualified surgeon able to improve people’s appearance.

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