Breast implant revision

Breast implant revision is a type of plastic surgery , during which earlier inserted implants can be replaced with new ones or removed completely. Earlier only silicone implants were used. Nowadays, saline-filled breast implants are considered to be safer ones, since they are filled with salt water, that can be absorbed by the organism in case of leakage. Many women have breast implant revision in order to have their old silicone implants replaced with saline-filled implants or with newer silicone implants. Life of older silicone implants is about ten years. Therefore, such implants should be removed and replaced with new ones.

Another reason why women decide to have breast implant revision surgery is because for some reason they want to have natural breasts or smaller breast implants. In such case, breast implants are either removed completely or replaced with smaller breast implants.

In addition, some of the breast implants become deformed or shifted, and breasts will look asymmetrical. In such case the breast implant revision procedure is needed to restore normal symmetrical appearance of the breasts. A woman can either choose to have the same size of the breast implant or different size of implant placed.

Breast implant revision

After your initial consultation, during which you and your doctor will discuss problems related to your older breast implants , reasons why you think you need breast implant revision procedure, and your desired appearance after surgery, you will have time for the procedure set. Breast implant revision procedure should take from two to three hours depending on the technique used, problems related to former breast augmentation procedure, asymmetry of the breasts and other.

An incision is made in order to remove older implants and insert new ones if desired by the patient. The place of incision is below the breast, in the underarm, around the areola or through the belly-button. Most frequently the surgeon takes the existing breast implants through the same incision areas as they were placed before. This way no additional scars are made.

Breasts implants are inserted either under the chest muscle or above it. It depends upon the former breast augmentation procedure, patient’s anatomy of the breasts, contractures and other. You should discuss different possibilities, their advantages and disadvantages with your doctor before this plastic surgery procedure.

Since this is a short plastic procedure , it is usually performed in an out-patient department or private doctor’s office and the patient usually can go back home within a few hours after breast implant revision. Sometimes this period before returning home may be longer due to some complications, such as infection, or large capsular contractures. In that case, the patient may have to stay in the hospital overnight.

Recovery after breast implant revision

After surgery, you may feel tired, stiff and swollen. These symptoms should subside soon. The doctor will place a gauze bandage on your breasts in order to provide more support to them. Drainage tubes will be placed in the incision area in order to let the excess fluid outside of the body.

Healing is a gradual process and it takes different time for each individual to recover. It is important for the patient to follow doctor’s instructions carefully. You should try to get as much rest as possible during the recovery period. The doctor should remove the dressing within a few days after surgery. The patient should avoid strenuous exercise and harder physical exertion for at least two weeks. Stitches will be taken out within seven to ten days after surgery.

The patient should be aware that scars will remain pink for two to three weeks. This should change within several months. Your breast will be swollen for some time. Therefore, you should be very patient and aware that final results will be visible only within 3-4 months. Patients usually return to their daily routine within a month, but this is precisely determined by the managing physician.

Breast implant revision side effects

As with all surgery, breast implant revision carries some uncertainty and risk. Complications are not frequent but they still can occur. The most possible complications are infection or hematoma after surgery. Implant rupture or leakage from the implant is also possible. Other complications may include change in sensation of the nipple and breast, capsular contracture, shifting of the breast implant.

Breast revision procedure is very beneficial for women, who want to change the appearance of their breasts or to keep their breast larger and symmetrical. Those who had older silicone implants, are very happy to have them replaced with modern saline-filled ones. These implants have a longer life and, therefore, women do not need additional breast implant revision procedure.

Many patients are very concerned about how long their new placed breast implants will last. This is a hard question and no guarantee can be given. It is very individual but modern breast implants can last decades without changing, and the breasts will still look good. Finally, the cost of such procedure is $3000-$3500.

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