Laser eye surgery cost

The laser eye surgery is not cheap. Generally the price of laser eye surgery is at least 1,500 $ for each eye and will probably set you back around $6,000 (for both eyes). But price can be higher or lower, it depends on what method you will choose.

Lasik cost

Cost for LASIK is from $1,500 per eye to $2,500 per eye, while price for PRK is $1,200 per eye. Also there are doctors who charge less and who charge more. Every candidate wishes to find the best price – it’s important, but take in mind quality and service. Be careful, if a doctor tries to reach the quantity of operations, but not quality – don’t choose this doctor. He is not competent enough to deal with your eyes. The cost of vision correction depends on what procedure fits you the most ( for eg. LASIK  or PRK). The cost also varies on the doctor’s experience, it means that more experienced doctor may ask for a high price. Besides it’s important what is included in the vision correction package. Many doctors include pre-operative and post-operative care as well.

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  1. [B]what of condition does your body have to be in to have plastic surgery does anyone know?[/B]

    Only doctor can decide is your body’s condition suitable for plastic surgery or not (he/she will examine your health).

  2. May I know if you are short-sighted,how long do you need to wait before you can wear spectacles or contact lenses after a nose job or a double-eyelid surgery please?Thanks!

  3. First of all the spelling in quite a few of the words are wrong and if you read the above article the way you say some sentences are wrong as well, as for the spelling I would advise you to use a spell check and as for not using correct grammar, well I would go to school or get someone to proof read before you publish an article since it makes you look like you do not know what you are talking about.

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