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My name is Christian. Little about me: I am 23 and I wanted to get Laser Eye Treatment because I feel glasses are a nuisance and really haven’t liked the idea of contact lenses!

My current prescription is: Right, Sph-3.25 ; Left, Sph -3.00; Cyl -0.75, Axis 90!

After hours of collecting as much information as I could about Laser Eye Surgery I felt ready to go ahead and book a consultation. So on Saturday 9th July I trundled along to my 4:30 appointment with my mother in low! Even though I researched as much as possible to feel at ease the nerves still set in as soon as I walked in! The place and the staff were very professional and so I filled out my medical form and waited to be seen! I was then collected and led off to perform some tests! Had this device that scanned your eyes, and then another that tested how your eyes focused then another that puffed air into your eyes and every damn time I jumped!!! Then I had to wait to see the ophthalmologist. Then got called in and went over my medical form! Did the basic eye chart test, another for how much water your tear ducts produce, pupil dilation, this other device that run a beam of light over my eyes!


Then the dreaded corneal thickness test but with the anesthetic didn’t feel a thing, just saw two circles of light which focused together at a point where I assume the needle was and saw a light rippling affect over my eyes! Funny feeling having your eyes numb can’t feel them but you can feel the weight of them in your sockets!!! After that I was told I am eligible for ULTRALasik plus with Wavefront! At this point I am to happy to think clearly so couldn’t ask any questions, but just answered yes to treatment! So back in the waiting room and this guy came in for his check-up even though he had a weakness in his left eye all he could say was: "I wish I had it done years ago"

So next I was seen by another woman and talked through a bit of aftercare and what to expect on the day of treatment! I asked one or two questions!!! So there we go after that discussion I was led back down stairs to the sight of my mother really engrossed into a copy of a Woman’s Weekly! So left feeling a little dazzled but then actually felt it since I hadn’t put my sun glasses on! My pupils were huge, you’d swear I’d been on something, just prayed as I walked to the Train Station, that the Police wound’s spot check me! Overall the whole experience was fine, the only thing I felt is that it was rather rushed! But I’m not complaining! So I am booked in for treatment on Tuesday 19th July, only wish it was sooner!

Treatment day

Nerves kicked in on the way to Cardiff so spent some time wandering around to take my mind off what was going to happen! Eventually got to the clinic, again with my mother in tow, signed a few forms and met my surgeon, Harry Brilakis. So went over my results of my consultation and answered all my questions and even asked me if I preferred to LASEK over LASIK since I expressed my fears! I was then led to another small waiting room which seemed like forever going over in my head any questions I may have left! But nerves really! Met the nurse, Nathan, who talked through the aftercare and gave me my eye drops and shields! Had my eyes cleaned which left this icky, tight feeling around my eyes then I pain numbing eye drops, then I was led into the TREATMENT ROOM!!!! After meeting the team I was asked to lay on the bed and they made sure I was comfortable and added more eye drops and covered my left eye. I was acting like a child on the bed kicking my legs up in the air since I was so nervous! They checked with me my details and treatment type then I was moved under the laser and I went all tense! So the procedure began with my eyes being clamped down, discomfort but no pain, and then marked up my eyes with a pen. Then a circle of metal was placed over my yes then the suction cup!!! Not bad really just my vision faded to a point and then the device was taken away and the flap was pulled back and everything went sparkly. The nurse then said eye recognized the surgeon help my head in place and then the laser began, tick-tick and the smell of burnt hair! I could see the red light getting bigger and bigger until it took my whole vision up! So two zaps later my eye was cleaned and I was allowed to sit down whilst they tested the laser! The same procedure followed for my left eye but since I knew what was going to happen I was that more tense which didn’t help, really uncomfortable! They had used a different speculum on my left and it took three zaps with my left, must have been the stigmatation!


Thank god the nurse held my head to reassure me it helped to settle my nerves a great deal! Once I was in the recovery room I settled down with a cup of tea tested my new sight on signs I could see through the window of the door, amazing I could read them! I had to keep reminding myself that I just had laser eye surgery! After a little while the surgeon checked me over and everything was fine. I did question why the difference with speculum and he said it just it sometimes the eye doesn’t take to it since they use either a wire or blade which I could hear on my left!!! I was reassured everything has gone great so feeling like a million pounds I made my way home! My eyes streamed like Niagara Falls and felt gritty but my right was worst than my left! Great how the trains run late when you really want to get home and then having to stand all the way whilst someone smoked right next to you! But kept my eyes closed for most of the journey and then once home began the drops (should have practiced first mind!). So after a cat nap I had a phone call from the nurse to check on my progress, the only problem I had was that my right eye felt like something was in it! The nurse reassured me and then asked me to ring him back in a few hours to see how it was! Later on my right eye was still concerning me but after having another conversation with the nurse who said it could be because the device they use to react with the flap can graze the lens so I was put at ease with this news! So ends the day had to remember to rest my eyes but it’s so hard always wanting to test my new sight! Simply amazing!!!

Post Op

Well after yesterday’s adventure I slept pretty well even with the eye shields, I scared myself in the mirror! Began my regime of administering my eye drops and I go and drop my eye lubricant, give it a clean and then I have a phone call from the nurse again to check on my progress and after hearing what happened told me that they would change the bottle when I go for my check up! Apart from the halos and the light sensitivity I have to keep reminding myself that I’ve had laser surgery done! Guess it hasn’t fully sunk in since I am still using my sun glasses and to me it feels sometimes like prescription sunglasses! My vision I know is far better than when I was wearing glasses! At the clinic again (swear I live there!) The optometrist checked me over and I could read all the way to bottom of the chart which is something like 6/4 (no sure!). Also got my change of bottle, yippee! So with this confirmation of my great vision I walked away a very happy man, I was also clear to drive .

Second day post

The only thing to report at this point is that I have noticed purple marks on my eyes under my top eye lids, which after speaking to the nurse is perhaps just some light bruising or some residual blood shot nerves! Which will clear over time? Today will be my first attempt at driving! I can’t thank the staff enough especially the nurse, Nathan, who has checked on my progress everyday and been there for me whenever I get my panic attacks!

Third Day Post

Just to let you know how my driving went really! Even though I know I’ve got great vision I still don’t fully trust it just yet and when I drove I was tense! Had my sunglasses on which are so dark I couldn’t read the speedometer!!! But I survived and I still can’t believe my vision, it’s like a new world, I just need to experience different things with it now, I am so excited about the future, words cannot describe! Just got to get over the shock now since there is always an element of doubt before the procedure, but this has exceeded my expectations! Just need to be patient and wait until my vision settles really! But the halos are so weird almost ghostly; I’m just fascinated at the moment (what with the novelty factor!) Right I will shut up now, will keep you all updated!

One week check-out

Well went for my check up yesterday and it seems that both eyes can see better than 20/20! My right eye has no prescription left but my left eye has a residual stigmatation but not enough to warrant the need for glasses or re-treatment hopefully! So me is one happy chappy! Still waiting for things to settle like the halos, haze and bruising but I’m not complaining! I am booked in for another check-up in a month’s time!

Two weeks post op

Well I experienced my first night without the shields, bliss! Even though I didn’t find them much of a hassle it’s great not to have to wear them any longer! The only thing that ruined the experience was diving out of bed this morning with cramp! I’m still suffering with fluctuations in vision, halos, starbursts, haze (which is basically the sensitivity to light!) and the bruising! Funny thing I thought that the visual problems are only experienced at night halos and starbursts, but since the op it happens in the day!!! But still happy!

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