Alternatives to laser hair removal

As you all know nowadays people more often choose laser hair removal rather than shaving or waxing. The laser hair removal procedures cost much; still people toughly undergo this procedure. 4-5 sessions and you will not have any problems with unwanted hair for a very long time. However, laser hair removal cost much, thus professionals of cosmetic surgery field offer other ways how you can rid off unwanted hair.


It is very simple technique; this technique does not affect coarseness and thickness of hair itself. It can be combined with cream or lotions to produce smoother results; however, it is transient solution and requires constant shaving to maintain a hair free appearance.


This procedure can be used for large areas at one time. Results last a month or longer, depend on strength of the hair, but it does not have long-term effect on the hair follicle or growth of hair. Also waxing is very painful procedure, especially in bikini line – the most sensitive area of the body. Besides waxing can cause redness, may stimulate the process of ingrown hair or allergic reaction.


Depilatory tweezers are very popular amongst those who wants to eliminate unwanted hair for a longer time, but can not afford laser hair removal procedures. The unwanted hair is eliminated one by one when the depilatory tweezer is used. This procedure is painful too. Hair follicles are not permanently disabled; the regrow will occur. Besides the treatment is temporary!


How the procedure is performed? – The needle is inserted into the skin (it may be very painful) to damage the follicle. Sterile needles should be used each time, because electrolysis treats only one hair at a time. Telling the truth it is tedious and harassing procedure, which requires a lot of time and can last several months or even years (it depends on how hairy the treated area is) – it is impossible to remove all unwanted hair within few weeks. Also there is a risk to inflame the skin what leads to scarring.

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