Laser hair removal risks

Short-term effects may have a slight blush of skin, pain or tumefaction, which normally disappears after an hour, but sometimes it can last a few days, also permanent complication may embrace skin discoloration. It’s very important that during the treatment skin is not inflicted, so risk of infection or even scars is miserable. Everything depends on individual skin’s sensitivity and it’s impossible to predict some natural reactions.

As it is known, laser light is safe and almost painful (technicians offer an anesthetic or ice packs, gel and etc.), however, it is still impossible to avoid risk of skins burn. This risk will increase because of:

  • Melanin pigment increment;
  • Hair’s density and thickness increment;
  • Impulse’s energy increment;
  • Treatment’s time increment.

You have to know, that your skin color plays an important role – risk of burn increases when you skin is darker (laser light will treat not only hair, but dark epidermis too). That is why you can’t make a laser hair removal when you have sunburn

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