Alternatives to liposuction

Women always wanted to look perfectly – they wanted to have beautiful face and good looking body. Women who had problems with weight, made up their mind to undergo the liposuction procedure, when the liposuction technique became available for society. The majority of them were satisfied with results. Liposuction was so popular that it achieved the distinction of being the most popular cosmetic surgical procedure! However liposuction is a very serious surgical procedure and may involve a painful recovery. Still many women and even man decide to undergo the liposuction.

Sometimes people change their mind not to do the operation; sometimes doctors refuse to perform the operation, claiming that patient is not a good candidate for liposuction, because he/she has health problems. In such case people try to find alternatives to liposuction.

The way to achieve weight loss is making by lifestyle changes. Healthy eating and proper exercises in daily routine will help to shape the body. Choose a diet that will allow losing weight safely and effectively. It should be balanced both hormonally and calories, including a variety of fresh, wholesome foods. For people who decided not to undergo the fat soaking operation, there are four solutions: to go on a diet; exercise; accept the body as it is; use clothing or make-up to downplay or emphasize body or facial features. Also there are such alternatives as abdominoplasty or reduction mammaplasty. The last two alternatives are up for concrete areas of the body.


Otherwise called “tummy tuck” is a cosmetic surgical procedure used for reshaping the abdomen. The excess fat is removed from the middle and lower abdomen in order to tighten the skin. Sometimes when the big part of weight is missed out, the unnecessary skin stays; in such case the abdominoplasty is the only way to remove it.

Reduction mammaplasty or breast reduction

Women with large breasts may have health problems caused by the excessive weight from back. Bra straps may leave marks on the shoulders. Breast reduction is designed for such women. It helps to decrease the pain in the back area. Large breasts mean heavy breasts. Heaviness causes the pain in the back and neck area. There were cases when women have problems with breathing or skin (heavy breast entrain the skin).

Generally last two cases are not alternatives it is more likely an exception.

The most reasonable alternatives to liposuction are exercising and going on a diet. Initially, people should try to slim down by using “natural liposuction”. There a lot of sport clubs, that offers variety of sport programs, different sport activities in swimming pool. Instead of losing weight by eating nothing they can book a visit to dietician who will prescribe the proper diet for them. If the results won’t be satisfactory after all they have done they may choose to undergo liposuction.

People become spoiled. They pay money for cosmetic surgical procedures instead of trying to reach positive results by themselves. It is understandable when people undergo laser eye operation or rhinoplasty, or laser hair removal, or breast correction, but overweight can be fixed by natural means, liposuction is not the only solution to improve body lines!

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