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Few people really have much of an idea of how much liposuction costs. If you decide to have liposuction performed, you will want to know precisely what you will pay for it. The cost of liposuction varies, depending on several factors. Usually, the liposuction cost per body area decreases if more than one body area is treated, since it is relatively easier and more efficient to treat one more area than it is to treat the first area. There is no concrete price set for liposuction, there are many types of liposuction and many different needs amongst liposuction patients. That’s why the price of liposuction surgery may very from case to case.

One of the most frequently asked questions that people interested in undergoing liposuction surgery is “How much does liposuction cost?”. As the matter of fact it is impossible to give the right answer. As there are numerous liposuction procedures, liposuction prices will vary from procedure to procedure, liposuction cost will range from plastic surgeon to plastic surgeon and also from state to state . Besides there are various issues which affect the cost of liposuction surgery (surgeons, amount of procedures, part of the body being operated on, patient’s gender, percentage of fat removed, liposuction procedure type). While consulting with a variety of plastic surgeons about liposuction costs , people may find major differences in liposuction prices from these surgeons. Often these differences in liposuction pricing are a result of medical qualifications and experience.


Another factor is, if patient will have few liposuction procedures the price of liposuction will fall down. It is natural that the fisrt procedure of liposuction costs more than the second or third, because the area treated contains less percentage of fat after the first procedure. Liposuction costs will fluctuate wildly depending on the type of liposuction procedure being performed and the part of the body that will be treated. Generally, liposuction costs are higher for surgeries performed on men than women, because there is a larger presence of fibrous fat found in males than females. Plastic surgeons will charge liposuction prices for operations that take longer. As a result, patients pay higher liposuction costs if a large amount of fat is being eliminated from their bodies. Different procedure types of liposuction differ from each other based on equipment that it used during the procedure. Also liposuction procedures that utilize newer equipment will have higher liposuction costs.


One more thing, liposuction prices can vary depending on where the procedure is performed, what clinic the candidates choose. Some clinics charge less than others. Liposuction costs for one procedure in a single area can cost $800, but this sum can reach thousands. Nevertheless there are general dominating prices.


Usually the liposuction surgery will cost between $1500 and $3000. National average is 2,578 U.S. dollars. Usually the price reaches 1,800 U.S. dollars for area ( arms, chin, back, thighs, abdomen – the patients will need to pay additionally 900 U.S. dollars if waits is included). Generally, if more than 4 areas are treated, patient will get a discount.


These are the approximate fees in the U.S.:

 Treatment area  Minimum  Maximum 
 Abdomen upper  $3.000  $7.500
 Abdomen lower  $2.000  $2.000
 Arms  $1.500  $5.000
 Breasts (female)  $3.000  $7.500
 Breasts (male)  $3.000  $5.000
 Buttocks  $1.500  $4.500
 Chin, cheeks  $2.000  $4.500
 Flanks (male)  $2.000  $5.000
 Anterior and inner thighs and knees  $2.000  $5.000
Outer thighs  $1.600  $5.000
 Hips/Waist  $1.600  $5.000


The size of the patient, preoparative laboratory fees, operating room fees, and the time and effort required of the surgeon, determine the cost of liposcution. If an anesthesiologist is required, in that case patient will need to pay the additional fee.

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