Liposuction results

Liposuction is believed to give permanent results. It is applied on areas where unwanted fat is accumulated but is not easily lost. Women usually choose liposuction under their chin or in their breast area, thighs, under arms, stomach or buttocks.


The most common sites for men include under the chin and around the waist. Liposuction can also be used to treat enlarged male breast. Most patients who have realistic expectations are pleased with their surgery results. However, you should keep in mind that a healthy diet and regular exercise is needed after surgery to help to maintain your new shape. As results are sensitive to diet and exercise, your doctor can help you choose a special exercise program to maintain results gained by surgery. Quite soon after liposuction you can see the results and feel better about your looks. You may find that you are more satisfied with your body and you can start wearing clothes you used to avoid wearing. You will not have to worry about your under-chin and hide it with a scarf. Women will be at ease wearing short skirts or bathing suits. Men will be satisfied after losing their enlarged breasts.

Alex ate a healthy diet and exercised regularly but he was never satisfied with his body, as his enlarged breasts bothered him a lot. Not any more, as he chose liposuction to get rid of unwanted fat. He still exercises a lot and eats a healthy diet that help him maintain a good shape gained by liposuction. He also feels at ease with his body and is more self-confident. If some parts of your body bother you because of unwanted fat, fat which is resistent to exercising, liposuction might be a perfect option for you. Before planning to have a liposuction procedure, you should get acquainted with the procedure itself and its pros and cons. You should not forget that complications, though very rare, still occur occasionally. Once you are determined to have liposuction performed, ask your doctor‘s advice and discuss all the possible health risks and complications.

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  1. [B]i have too small breast i want large size of breast[/B]
    What is your breast size? Maybe, it’s not so small and you don’t have to go on BA. Remember, natural breast (size doesn’t matter) always is better than artificial.

  2. I just had a breast augmentation on oct 5th, and i am having a lot of trouble healing. One of my breast feels completely healed but the other is still really swollen. Just be happy with what you have and don’t just have surgery because you think that it will make you feel better. i think that i made the wrong decision. 😕

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