Liposuction surgery

Every surgery needs some preparations by the patient. Your surgeon will give the exact instructions on how to prepare for the procedure. This would include recommendations on eating, drinking, smoking and exercising before and after liposuction. Specific medications, such as aspirin or herbal supplements, should be discontinued 2 weeks prior surgery. It is important for you to mention to your doctor any medications you are taking. The use of iron tablets, vitamins, and certain medicines will be considered by your operating surgeon.

The liposuction surgery

Your surgery may have to be postponed due to the common cold or an infection, especially a skin infection. In rare cases, your doctor may suggest that you have blood drawn some time before the operation in case it is needed during the liposuction surgery . You should arrange with someone to take care of you after the procedure for a few days, since all patients are treated in the outpatient care department. Only the rare case requires a short hospital stay, and this will be explained by your doctor.The surgery may take from 1 to 2 hours, depending on thetechnique of liposuction and the size of the area treated, as well as the volume of fat removed and type of anesthesia applied. Various techniques may be used and some last longer than the others. Markings are used prior to surgery to mark the precise area where unwanted fat should be removed. Once anesthesia starts to work, a small incision is made in order to insert a small, hollow tube, and fat is removed from a certain area. A few incisions may be needed depending on the size of the area. Then the tube is pushed and pulled through the fat layer, destroying the fat cells in the tissue. Fat is suctioned using a syringe or a vacuum device. The amount of fat removed depends on the technique chosen and can be up to 4 or 5 litters if a large amount liposuction is performed. The surgeon tries to leave the scars as inconspicuous as possible.


Anesthesia, which is the loss of feeling or sensation either with or without loss of consciousness, is needed during plastic surgery . Local, general, or epidural anesthesia can be chosen during the liposuction procedure. The selection of a specific type of anesthesia is chosen by the patient and the doctor together to assure the safest and most comfortable state during surgery. The patient‘s physical status should be taken in consideration regarding the type of anesthesia chosen. However, most commonly, general anesthesia is applied during liposuction. When small areas are treated, local anesthesia may be applied. So, the type of anesthesia chosen depends on the physical state, area treated, and patient‘s preference

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