Do you really need it? Abbie story about liposuction

My name is Abbie, I’m 22 and I made the biggest mistake of my life. I had liposuction when I didn’t really need it. Ever since I turned eight I had problems with my weight. I was constantly on a diet. At my 19th birthday I decided to have liposuction.

The operation was a success as the surgeon didn’t remove too much fat. After that I lost some more weight for a year and the compliments started rolling in. I was complimented all the time at how good I looked. But at home it was always, "You need to exercise, your skin is wobbly, and your butt is huge" and my sisters were always talking about their weight or our weight. This was such a big issue in the house. Then I went through some really traumatic events in my life. Events that made me think that people only wanted to talk to me because I looked good and not for whom I am on the inside. I started to believe that more and more and that’s when I began to strive for perfection. I was also very sad and depressed at the time. This led to bulimia which I suffered in silence from for about 2 years.

As much as I tried to stop I couldn’t and I come from a place where this sickness is unacceptable and my parents would think I was stupid or insane to do something like this. I had no one to turn to. So I turned to liposuction once again. I thought it would stop my bulimia. That’s when it all went downhill for me. My mother was against the idea and she thought that by leaving the country I might not go through with it. This was her way of dealing with our problems. She always ran away. My sister was against it but she didn’t make that much of an effort to stop me. My other sister actually had the operation a week before I did. Anyways I had it done and with my luck, the surgeon got a little too enthusiastic and removed a lot more than I had asked for, leaving me with lots of loose skin and hollow areas in my thighs and my buttocks sagged. I now have a very unfeminine body and lots of irregularities in my thighs. To this day I wish I had not done it. I was fine with the body I had before. Now I feel ugly. But I’m working on it. I go to the gym 6 days a week and I eat a lot healthier, something I should have done before the op. I still have to work on the mental. I am still emotionally scarred and I don’t really know when I’ll start to fully accept my body again if I ever will. I have my good days and then there are the bad days.

I want to tell those who are considering liposuction to please think twice and three times about it. It really is not a permanent solution. Any mistake and you could end up even more emotionally scarred than before. My best advice to you is to really learn to love yourself the way you are. If you do then it will show and that’s why people will love you back. Not because you look good but because you feel good about yourself. I wish someone had given me this advice before I’d done the operation. And if there are parents reading this, please tell your children everyday how beautiful they really are and how perfect they are because your opinion is the one that counts the most to them. I’m not bulimic anymore but I still can’t talk to my parents about these issues. And I can’t really talk to my family about how I feel now either because they all have problems of their own and I feel like I have to let go and start moving on with my life otherwise I’ll end up tearing my self apart. I deal with each day as it comes and I tell myself I still have my health because that is the most important thing in life and that I am better off than so many other people. Thank you, God. Live your life to the fullest, enjoy every moment and most important, Love yourself, because you’re all that and some more.

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