Emily story about rhinoplasty

I am 21 years old. I had a rhinoplasty several eight months ago. My doctor, whom I choose, has been doing plastic surgery for over 12 years. He was rather popular amongst those people who have gone through plastic surgery. He had really good recommendations and that’s why I let him to perform my nose operation.

To begin with I had a knobble on my nose, a big one. Several months I was looking for proper profile, I looked through magazines, made a search on the internet looking for some pictures and finally I picked out the profile I wanted.

During my first consultation the surgeon explained me how all would going to be, also he honestly answered all the questions which I gave him and then he decided to show how my nose would look after the operation. He took some photos with digital camera and put them in to the computer. He “fixes” my nose and shows me how I would look. I was satisfied with the visit and decided to undergo the operation with this doctor.

Rhinoplasty surgery

Finally my day came. As it was planned in the morning I arrived to clinics. The nurse told me to stay in the waiting room for a while, because my doctor will come a little bit later – she explained that surgeon has not yet finished performing the procedure with another patient. When the doctor came we had a last talk before operation – he told me what he would do. Then we went to operating room. It took half an hour to prepare for procedure. I was laying on the operating table and prayed for successful ending. After a moment I felt into sleep.

When I woke up I understood that I am in recovery room. It seemed to me that operation was lasted for about 10 minutes, though it took two hours to perform rhinoplasty. I felt a bit of pressure behind my eyes and I could not open them. I started to panic, but doctor said that it is normal reaction after rhinoplasty. The surgeon encouraged me to open my eyes, but I could not it was so hard and painful!!! When I finally opened them I felt hazardous pain!! After the operation I did not stay in the hospital, my parents came to take me home. Doctor prescribed me eyes drops and pills to decrease the pain. This medicine helped me a lot and in a few days the pain has gone. I felt discomfort only while sleeping, because my throat was very tender from being intubated. Once my throat healed, I felt fine.

Recovery process

On the third day my swelling and bruising was hazardous! My eyes became extremely red, my cheeks were swollen too. I look awful and it was traumatic to see myself like this. On the six day I started to think that I will never look normal again. I became very sensitive and the same time angry at myself for what I have done! Few weeks later, little by little intumescences has gone and I felt necessity to go out somewhere so…the first journey was to my friend’s house. At that day she celebrated her birthday. I was so pleased to hear that I look great and that my profile is fantastic! It influenced my feelings about rhinoplasty and positivism came back! Of course there were some scars left on my face, but they finally gone after the seven weeks.

Telling the truth the procedure was relatively painless! The hardest part of my recovery was sitting at home, going nowhere and waiting for results. Overall I am very satisfied with my decision! It was luck to have such a doctor as mine. I was so happy for decision to let this surgeon to perform the operation! I feel myself BEAUTIFUL now!

Many people told me I look great, only a few did not noticed the changes on my face, they just said that I look different. I made the right choice and I am happy with the results! I have rid off of this problem which could not gave peace for so many years. I feel comfortable with my appearance!!

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  1. just had tummy tuck 16 days ago and wondering if anyone else felt pain around belly button area and is it normal? i’m not able to stand upright due to this

  2. [B]Just had tummy tuck 16 days ago and wondering if anyone else felt pain around belly button area and is it normal? i’m not able to stand upright due to this[/B]

    It’s normal to feel pain, swelling and discomfort during 2-3 weeks after surgery. You should take pain relief medications, ask your surgeon for a prescription.

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