Eve story about liposuction

I am 25 years old. I had problems with and inner thighs till I decided to undergo the liposuction procedure. But…I will start to tell my story from the very beginning. When I was 16 years old I put on weight 15 kilogrammes. Telling the thruth I thought that being on a diet would help me to get rid of those unnecessary kilogrammes. As the matter of fact it really did, after the half a year my weight was 68 kilogrammes, I got rid of 11 kg.!!! But during the next year all my over weight came back, especially on my thighs. I tried to go in for sports, the menu of a day was really strong. But it helped me only for a while. You see I have some problems with my stomach.

Year in, year out I was considering what to do, I have heard about liposuction procedure, but I knew that I was not prepare for it. So I decided to wait and to look around whether to try liposuction or not. After graduating from the university in 2002 I began to collect all the information I have found about liposuction procedure. The year later I started to search for a doctor who would performe my liposuction procedure. It took eight months to find a surgeon.


How the whole time of treatment began…Firstly I have gone through three consultations at the doctor, it was scary, because I knew that this operation will change my body and I was hoping for good. During these three consultations surgeon have checked my physical condition. It was needed for doctor to determine if I am an acceptable candidate for liposuction. We have discussed medical conditions that I have and to tell my doctor about any medications that I am taking including any herbal or other non-prescription ones. Finally, my doctor decided that I can have liposuction; we discussed the procedure thoroughly with him before deciding if I really want to go through with the procedure. The day before operation my doctor was asked to show how the procedure is performed.


We went to the operating-room and he started to explain me what he will do during the procedure…. Once the anesthesia is working, he will make a cut in the inner thigh. A canula, otherwise called a tube that is about the size and shape of a skinny pen will be inserted into the cut. He will be moving this canula back and forth to suction out the fat. The fat, and liquid that has been injected, are collected in a flask. This is how the procedure goes…trully when I saw the canula I thought that I will lose consciousness, it was so long and rather thick. At some moment I started to doubt and wanted to change my mind, but on the other hand it was the dream of mine to have beautifel thighs and I made a resolve to undergo the procedure. It was the longest day in my life though procedure has lasted only couple of hours! The fisrt thing which the surgeon has done – he marked my inner thighs with a pen to indicate where the fat is to be removed. During the last consultation the doctor asked me what anethesia I would prefer – the general or the local one. I choose the first one. I thuoght it would be better for me to be in a deep sleep during the whole operation, I wanted to prevent myself from the long waiting and thinking how the procedure goes. I must tell you that it was not so scary I thought it would be. All this day, the 7th of June, was like a dream to me.

After surgery

Everything was all right. I had i sigh of relief that during the operation there were no complications! Another two days I stayed in a hospital. It was awful! I felt the pain all over my thighs and was feeling badly, thanks god it lasted only oa few days. The surgeon explained me that it is normal reaction. The pain will disappear in a few weeks. Also he provideded me with medicine garment which I had to wear another three weeks. When I came back home I was afraid to look into the mirror to see what changes the surgeon have done. The pain was strong enough so the great part of the day I was spending in bed. You CANNOT IMAGINE the pain of sitting down on a normal chair or even, I must confess, on a normal toilet seat! This nightmare have lasted for two weeks, I started to panic!!! It was so hard to do nothing just lying in bed all these days! But as someone has once said – time is a great healer!! I had five post op visits at the doctors. He gave me some after-surgery intructions, such as: to wear compression garments, which he provided me with, to take some antibiotics. The scars started to heal in a week. Antibiotics that surgeon priscribed quickened the healing. The medicine was operating on the fisrt day of consumption. Also it reduced the pain.


Since I had a job I took a vacation for one month. I did not want to have any complications during the healing time, so it was better to stay at home and to have some rest, because my doctor have warned me about the level of activities that is safe for me after the procedure. In a week I saw the results…Though I could see them on the second day after the operation, I did not want to, I was afraid of changes, however, the operation was done and there was no way back! I wanted to scream when I saw my thighs!!!! They were so thin, so beautiful!!! As the doctor have said to me there were small scars, where he cut the skin.

I’m so happy  that I had enough courage to undergo the liposuction procedure! I can strongly confirm that I do not regret for my decision! I am happy, I have beautiful legs and from now on I can wear short skirts every day!

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