Jennet story about laser hair removal

I have had very strong hair in unwanted places on my legs and on the bikini zone. At age of 13 I started to shave my legs. As the years went by, I got more dark hair on my bikini zone, they were so dark and so strong, I felt so desperate and helpless to change anything – it was a disaster!!! They were so dark that’s why they were seen – I have forgotten about sunbathing and spending time by the sea. I felt ashamed about all the times I forgot to take care of the hair. I was afraid that someone would notice my problem. At age of 15 I went to the family doctor and asked to do a research, to find out what is going on with my organism. It took me a week to do all the tests – doctor told me that I had too much male hormones and added that it is heritable. At that time I was emotionally unstable. I even felt in depression…Somehow I face the problem of mine and understood that I had one choice – to eliminate those awful hair by using common techniques.

Laser hair removal

When I was 18 years old I started to use waxing, it helped, really! But only for several weeks. I was so tired of trying to rid off unwanted hair. I have been doing waxing procedures for several years. When I was 22 (2003) the best friend of mine suggested me to try the hair laser removal. I thought why not! I tried so many techniques why not trying one more. It was the last hope for me to eliminate the hair. That’s why I resolved to undergo this procedure. But…I could not afford it…I started to doubt and decided not to do the hair laser removal. In a half a year I changed my mind. I went to the bank and took a loan. The first step was done.

Then I found the beauty centre where such procedures were performed and book a consultation. Firstly, I felt myself little bit unusual, but when the doctor came in and smiled to me I calm down. It was very nice talk in a very cozy cabinet. She explained me how the whole procedure would go (the beam of laser light is sent to a group of hair follicles with enough power to destroy the root, but not enough power to harm the surrounding skin. The surrounding skin is cooled with a gel, a spray, etc.). Then she asked to show problematic places for evaluating the level of the problem. After the consultation she told me to set the date of the procedure. The treatment time began in the end of august. I had 4-8 sessions to achieve permanent hair reduction. The doctor told me that the leg area isn’t so sensitive like other areas of the body. It means that the process of hair removal won’t make me feel uncomfortable. Also she promised me that I will never again face such problem as hair shaving or painful waxing procedure.

Laser hair removal results

I was so satisfied with the results that I decided to repeat the procedure, but for this time I wanted to eliminate the unwanted hair from the bikini line. I choose the same centre and the same doctor, because I trusted her. She explained me that bikini line hair laser removal may be more problematic. Naturally I asked “why?” she told me that the skin of this area prone to irritation and ingrowths hair and I remembered that I really had a problem with ingrowths hair. It was very painful!!! Furthermore the area of the bikini line is extremely sensitive, that’s why procedure could be more painful as usually, but my doctor assure me that she would deal with this problem giving me mild anesthetic and added that I would go through 4-6 treatments to reach the results. Generally the removal process is safe. Of course there can be side effects such as pinkness or redness to the skin on the treated area, but it’s natural.

Personally I had the redness on the bikini line for six days, but then it has gone. My doctor warned me that sometimes it may take a few days for the normal skin color to appear. Hair laser removal procedure is almost painful. I felt like someone was pinching my skin. In the end of treatment the hair has disappeared – I was extremely happy, like ahahahahahahah!!! Finally it happened!!! Telling the truth after the second treatment I noticed an amazing difference. …I used to shave my legs and bikini line every single day. It has now been two years since the last time I shaved. I followed all the recommendations. For instance did not take sunbathing for five weeks, I did not swim in the swimming pool.

I am so happy and  so glad, because I have smooth skin everywhere! And I don’t regret choosing the hair laser removal. It cost me a lot of money, but it doesn’t matter, the most important thing to me to have beautiful skin!!

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