Best candidates for rhinoplasty

It doesn’t depend on sex. Men and woman can be candidates for rhinoplasty. Exception is done only for girls under 15 and boys under 17. In such cases most surgeons will caution againts the procedure.

The patient is an ideal candiate for rhinoplasty if: his/her nose is large for a face, nose is off-centre or crooked, the nasal tip droops or plunges, previous injury has made nose asymmetrical, nose seems too wide, nostrils are exaggerated flared, there is a bump on the nasal bridg. It is very important for patient to have the idea how he/she would like to look after the rhinoplasty procedure. In such cases most surgeons will caution againts the procedure. When the rhinoplasty procedure is over bruising and swelling appears around the nose and eyes, it is normal. The recovery lasts about for 2-3 weeks.

How should I prepare for rhinoplasty?

If the patient is a smoker he/she will be asked to stop smoking. Some medications, such as aspirin, must be avoided, because it can cause increased bleeding. The surgeon will provide the patient with additional preoperative instructions. If the procedure will be provided on outpatient basis ask someone of your friends or relatives to drive you home and to stay for at least one night

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