Is tummy tuck for me?

Tummy tuck is not suitable for everyone.  Find out are you the best candiadate or not by readig this article!

The best candidates for tummy tuck

If you are not satisfied with how your tummy looks, you might consider having tummy tuck performed. However, you should find out whether you are a suitablecandidate for the procedure or not.

The best candidates are people who are in a fairly good shape but are worried about fat deposits on the abdomen or loose abdominal wall that cannot be improved by a balanced diet or regular exercise. Both men and women with such problems may seek for tummy tuck. Non-smokers are better candidates for tummy tuck than smokers.

The procedure is beneficial neither especially to women who, during multiple labors have stretched their abdominal wall so that it cannot be reshaped nor by diet neither by excessive exercise. Individuals who have stretch marks or loose skin due to excessive loss of weight will also gain many benefits from the surgery. Those who lost their skin elasticity due to older age may also choose tummy tuck. People who have no scars on the abdomen after previous surgeries may also consider this type of cosmetic surgery. Bear in mind that you will have to stop smoking two weeks prior to the surgery. And you should also stay out of the sun some time before the procedure.

As with all cosmetic surgeries, you have to be very realistic about the results after the procedure. Tummy tuck will improve your appearance and may enhance your self-esteem. But be aware that it will not make other people think about you differently. Also bear in mind that you will have to follow a balanced diet and exercise regularly in order to make the results last permanently. You should discuss your expectations of this type of cosmetic surgery and possible complications with your doctor prior to the procedure.

Who should not consider having it?

Even if you have decided to have tummy tuck, be aware that you are not necessarily a good candidate for the procedure. There are certain reasons why some people should not consider having tummy tuck and you should find out if you are not one of them.

If you are not in a good health you may not be able to undergo the surgery since it would be of too much stress for your body. In such cases tummy tuck, as any surgery, may cause unexpected trouble and damage to your health. Women, who are planning to have more children, are not good candidates for abdominoplasty. The reason why is, that the abdominal muscles are tightened during this procedure. During pregnancy these muscles may be separated again causing a loose abdominal wall and excess skin. Therefore if you are planning to have future pregnancies, you should wait until you are through bearing babies.

It is a bad idea to have tummy tuck if you plan to lose a lot of weight. When you lose a lot of weight you will have excess skin and may need to undergo an extra surgery in order to remove it. Therefore, people who plan to lose a lot of weight should postpone tummy tuck before a great loss of weight.

Unfortunately, those who have multiple scars on the abdominal wall after previous surgeries should not consider having abdominoplasty. After tummy tuck these scars may be extremely visible.

Bear in mind that tummy tuck produces a permanent large scar just above the pubic region. If this bothers you, you should think carefully before deciding to have this type of cosmetic surgery. And finally, tummy tuck is not for those who expect to match their ideal after the surgery or those who hope that other people will treat them better. This may not be achieved by any cosmetic surgery, including abdominoplasty. Be aware, that tummy tuck should not be used as a substitute to weight loss either.

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  1. I am 3 weeks into my tummy tuck 🙂 I can see a big difference. Starting to walk. Do anyone out the know of a good diet I can start while I am waiting to completely heal?

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