Tummy tuck cost

Tummy tuck as all cosmetic surgery includes some costs. You should be aware that beauty costs – both financially and physically. It includes some efforts and patience as well as some additional finances.

What has an influence on tummy tuck price?

Unfortunately, most insurance company policies do not cover the cost of cosmetic surgery, except for some rare cases when cosmetic surgery is needed to reconstruct vital functions of the body. Such exceptional cases in tummy tuck is the repair of a hernia covered by insurance. However, it still does not cover a full cost of abdominoplasty and you will have to pay an additional payment yourself. So, discuss the insurance issues with your doctor and write to your insurance company early before surgery. Your surgeon may also inform your insurance company about the necessity to perform a cosmetic procedure, if it is possible in your individual case. Even if so, the insurance company will not cover the whole cost of tummy tuck. In addition, bear in mind that in future this may affect your insurance coverage and your premiums may rise.

Be aware that tummy tuck costs depend on a number of different factors. The cost involves the facility fee, cost of surgical instruments and other surgical material. It also includes the cost of anesthetics, so a surgery performed under local anesthesia usually costs less than a surgery done under general anesthesia. The extent and complexity of a cosmetic surgery also adds to the price of tummy tuck. Therefore, you should know that partial abdominoplasty has a higher price than full abdominoplasty in general. The price may vary if a tummy tuck surgery is performed in combination with liposuction. Another factor that influences the price of abdominoplasty is a surgeon’s factor. The tummy tuck cost includes a surgeon’s fee. The more experienced the doctor the higher his or her fee. This fee also depends upon the reputation of a surgeon. It also includes pre- and post-operative consultations and some additional procedures needed.

Do not be tempted by exceptionally low prices, since the reason may be that not all these factors are included into the total price. Then the total price might be much higher than the one advertised. Be sure to ask your doctor for the total cost of tummy tuck before the surgical procedure so that you are not shocked to find out the price after surgery. The prices may differ significantly depending on the state or region. Usually, cosmetic surgery is more expensive in the western states of the United States compared to the rest of a country. Additionally, tummy tuck, as all cosmetic surgery, is less expensive in other certain parts of the world, such as some European countries or Thailand. Therefore, some people travel there in order to have tummy tuck or other plastic surgery performed, since they can get the same qualified management for a lower price.

Tummy tuck cost

Total price of tummy tuck varies from $6,500 to $8,500 depending upon the extent of surgery and certain practice. It may be lower in some states or regions.

Mini-tummy tuck , being a less complicated surgery, costs less than full tummy tuck. The price range varies from $5,500 to $6,500 also depending on the above mentioned factors.

Additional liposuction may cost from $2,600 to $6,500.

A wide range of the price shows that the procedure depends very much on the part of the stomach and the excess of fat deposits being removed. In total you may have to pay from $5,500 to $ 12,500 depending on the type of the surgery you need.

Since there are quite a few factors that affect the price of tummy tuck it is useful for you to check as many practices as possible in order to choose the best value. Do not forget that big advertisements do not necessarily guarantee a good quality and you would probably have to pay more so that you cover the price of an advertisement. A high price also does not necessarily indicate a qualified surgeon, so be careful judging a doctor only by a price of surgery. And finally, do not assume that you can expect better tummy tuck results if you pay more for tummy tuck. As with all cosmetic surgery, the most important is to have realistic expectations.

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