Tummy tuck results

If you tried all the possible diets and exercise but were not able to achieve good results in losing your big belly, you might be interested in tummy tuck. Because results achieved by this procedure are something you would never accomplish by an ordinary diet or hard exercise. You might lose weight and strengthen your body muscles but you will always have trouble with tightening your loose skin, unless you choose tummy tuck.

Tummy tuck results

Tummy tuck eliminates excess of fat deposits and loose skin in the lower and middle abdomen. It tightens the abdominal muscles, which results in a flatter, smoother belly and a narrower waist. It may also lower your body weight. Another result of the surgery is removing stretch marks that usually occur after multiple pregnancies or a fast loss of weight. In tummy tuck loose skin is removed from the lower abdomen and the skin is tightened in the middle abdomen. All the fat deposits can be removed during abdominoplasty.

Unfortunately, as a result of this type of tummy tuck surgery there will be a large scar left in the incisions area. After complete tummy tuck the scar will extend from hip to hip whereas after mini tummy tuck the scar will be smaller and less visible. There will be another scar in the belly button area. There is no reason to worry since most of the clothes and even bathing-suits cover the scars leaving them invisible to other people. The scars should also heal in a few weeks and will be barely visible. However, in some cases scars remain rather visible even with time. The shape of the belly button might be changed but this is usually invisible. It is very common for the abdomen to stay swollen for a few weeks or even months after surgery.

It is then very hard to see the positive effects of tummy tuck. For some patients the abdomen remains swollen even for three to six months and this is considered a normal healing process. The healing period depends on individual factors, the type of the surgery, and amount of fat deposits and tone of the skin. Results become more visible after the swelling disappears. With patience during the healing period, abdominoplasty enhances the body contour making the abdomen firmer and flatter.

One of the most important results of tummy tuck is that the procedure affects your self-confidence. With better looks everybody feels more comfortable about their bodies and in the clothing and hence more self confident. However, you should keep in mind that tummy tuck would not make other people treat you differently. Therefore it is important to have realistic expectations about this type of surgery.

Tummy tuck, either complete or partial, offer long-term results. Unless, of course, one gains a huge amount of weight or gets pregnant. Then it is illogical to hope for the results to stay for years. It is important to understand that only following a balanced diet and exercising regularly will help you maintain long-term results.

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