Tummy tuck techniques

Since the very first abdominoplasty had been performed the method was improved and modified. There are many variations of the type and design of incisions and the surgery technique itself. Those who are interested in tummy tuck might have heard the terms complete and partial or mini-tummy tuck. These are two major modifications of this type of surgery. Additionally, there are other types of techniques, such as endoscopic and reverse abdominoplasty.

Complete tummy tuck

Complete abdominoplasty is usually offered to patients who have large excess of fat deposits both in the lower and middle abdominal area, very loose skin and lax muscles of the abdominal wall.

In full tummy tuck a large incision is made across the lower abdomen, just above the pubic area. Another incision is made around the belly button in order to separate it from the surrounding tissues. All the skin is made free from the abdominal wall and the abdominal muscles are sewn together and hence tightened. The surgeon then removes excess skin, makes a new hole for the navel to put in another position. And the tummy tuck surgery is finished with suturing and stitching the incisions

Since it is the most complicated type of tummy tuck the surgeon should carefully evaluate whether you are a suitable candidate to it or not. Your doctor might offer you a mini-tummy tuck in combination with liposuction of the middle abdominal area. Do not hesitate to discuss all the options with your doctor, since full abdominoplasty causes greater swelling and discomfort due to a huge amount of work done. The recovery period is also longer compared to other types of tummy tuck.

Reverse tummy tuck

Reverse abdominoplasty may be offered to patients who have breast lift or breast reduction performed and also have loose skin and excess fat deposits in the upper abdominal area. This is a new procedure and is not very popular among surgeons yet. But you may ask your doctor about if reverse abdominoplasty might be beneficial in your individual case. Since there are various types of abdominoplasty techniques your job is to find a competent, highly skilled surgeon who would offer the best option for you. As it is very individual, it is a wrong thinking that one size fits all.

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