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Open and closed rhinoplasty techniques PDF Print E-mail

Rhinoplasty , or nose job surgery, is a plastic surgery procedure used to change the shape of the nose.There are two main rhinoplasty techniques – open and closed. Both of these techniques are widely used by qualified plastic surgeons. In addition, both rhinoplasty techniques certain advantages and disadvantages, that have always been a reason of discussion for many cosmetic surgeons.

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Ethnic rhinoplasty PDF Print E-mail

Individuals of different races differ from one another in certain anatomical features. There are specific anatomical differences between the noses of nonwhites and those of whites. Even though, sometimes people want to gain features that are distinctive for another race, most usually individuals undergoing plastic surgery wish to improve their appearance by keeping their ethnical features. And hence, plastic surgeons should be aware of these racial differences and should use specific surgical techniques to gain desired aesthetic results.

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Alternatives to rhinoplasty PDF Print E-mail

Are there any alternatives to rhinoplasty? – is a frequent question amongst those who want to fix their nose, but do not want to choose rhinoplasty. For other purposes such as breathing problems there are some alternatives, but not many.

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Rhinoplasty results PDF Print E-mail

Most rhinoplasty patients can go back to their normal life approximately within the month after the operation. Need weeks to see rhinoplasty results which are really noticeable.

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Rhinoplasty cost PDF Print E-mail

Information about the cost of rhinoplasty will be given to the patient after the consulation. Plastic surgeon must complete a in-depth test for developement of patient’s individualized surgical plan and only then fees will be discussed with a patient.

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Rhinoplasty risk and complications PDF Print E-mail

What temporary side effects can appear? - a dull headache, numbness or an aching nose of certain areas on the nose. Healing may last longer if bones were broken. Most people after the rhinoplasty return to work approximately after two weeks. Time is needed for the bruising and swelling to disappear.

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Best candidates for rhinoplasty PDF Print E-mail

It doesn’t depend on sex. Men and woman can be candidates for rhinoplasty. Exception is done only for girls under 15 and boys under 17. In such cases most surgeons will caution againts the procedure.

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Rhinoplasty surgery PDF Print E-mail

Rhinoplasty otherwise called nose surgery is one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures. It’s a medical procedure that reshapes the nose for cosmetic or reconstructive purposes. During the rhinoplasty procedure it’s possible to reduce the size of the nose, to straighten it or to change the angle between the nore and upper lip. Also to correct an injury or birth defect or to improve breathing problems.

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