Alternatives to rhinoplasty

Are there any alternatives to rhinoplasty? – is a frequent question amongst those who want to fix their nose, but do not want to choose rhinoplasty. For other purposes such as breathing problems there are some alternatives, but not many.

For instance if there is a problem with breathing through the nose doctors can help by offering the steam-heat procedures or procedures that contains cream therapy. If patient wants to change the appearance of the nose the rhinoplasty is necessary – even face massage is helpless in this case. The other way would be to work on other aspects of the face to improve proportion. It can be helpful; imagine a patient with a large nose and a small chin; by treating the chin the balance and harmony to the facial features can be reached. However, the changes of the chin would be significant! On the other hand it would be a huge mistake to try to take a large nose and make it very small to match a very small chin. Also soft tissue fillers can sometimes conceal nasal defects, but only the small ones. If person has a small chin, a chin implant can be used to balance a large appearing nose. The make up can be used too. It hides the imperfection – pro tempore. There are no other possibilities. So if you decided to change the shape of your nose, there is the only way to do it – to choose rhinoplasty.

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