Alternatives to blepharoplasty

It depends upon how much help the eyelids require to look better. One of the alternatives is to get enough sleep and fresh air. The cutting down on smoking and drinking also can help. The light-reflective make up is available too. These means are the simplest.

Use creams, gels and beauty treatments, other skin preparations to improve the appearance to tighten the skin around the eyes and to reduce dark rings, however, there is no scientific proof that they work on a permanent basis. Means of beauty should be used regularly otherwise initial appearance will come back. If there is a problem with a heavy brow that contributes to drooping upper eyelid skin the eyelid surgery can be performed, but if patient doesn’t want to the alternative of blepharoplasty would be brow lift that also can fix the problem. If there is an absence of excess fat in the lower eyelids, a simple resurfacing procedure may be very useful. If patient have a need to rid off lines the treatment with botox will perfectly fit! As fine lines begin to occur, particularly those that form around the mouth and eyes laser resurfacing can help minimize them!

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  1. [B]If Botox is something that is localized to the muscle in which it is injected, why can you not use while you are breastfeeding? [/B]

    Because safety of Botox injection to use while breastfeeding has not been established.

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