Before blepharoplasty

As before all surgeries there are certain preparations to be done before having blepharoplasty. Usually, everything is explained by your surgeon, so this will give you only the basics about what you should do before surgery.


Let’s start from your initial consultation with your surgeon and what will be done during it. You should know all your medical history before seeing your doctor at the first time. It is important to tell your doctor all the medical facts from your past history, such as diseases that you had or still have. You should also inform your doctor about any medicines that you are taking. Do not forget to mention if you smoke or have any allergies. Although your surgeon will check your vision and tear production, information from your ophthalmologist with your recent eye check is significant. Bring your glasses or contact lenses if you wear ones.

Before blepharoplasty

There are certain preparations in what to drink and eat before surgery. Your doctor will give you all of them. If you are taking any medicines do not quit doing it before surgery. Certain medications or vitamins should be stopped taking some time before surgery, so ask your doctor about that. You are advised to quit smoking at least two weeks before surgery and not resume doing it for about the same time after eyelid surgery. This would help you heal and recover better. Make sure that you follow all the instructions provided by your surgeon so that eyelid surgery and recovery period goes without any trouble. In an initial consultation you should precisely discuss with your doctor all your expectations and possible complications and costs of blepharoplasty . A doctor will then decide whether you need all four eyelids lifted or only upper lids or lower ones fixed. Your surgeon might suggest you an additional procedure if you need one, since blepharoplasty may be done in combination with face lift, browlift or other facial cosmetic procedures.

It is important for you to arrange for someone to drive you home after eyelid surgery, since you would not be able to do it on your own. You would probably need someone’s help at home for a few days after surgery. So, ask for someone in advance. And if you have any questions on the instructions or preparations for eyelid surgery, you should ask your doctor’s advice.

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