Blepharoplasty cost

Eyelid surgery, as all cosmetic surgery, requires individual payment. You should be aware that most insurance company policies do not cover the cost of cosmetic surgery, except for some rare cases when cosmetic surgery is needed to reconstruct vital functions of the body organs. If sagging eyelids or bags under your eyes interfere with your vision, the cost of eyelid surgery may be covered by an insurance company. It is especially done if eyelid problems appear in a younger age.

Eyelid surgery cost

When blepharoplasty is performed for only cosmetic reasons it is usually not covered by medical insurance. It is patients’ responsibility to check with their insurance company for possible coverage of costs of surgery. Your surgeon may also be helpful in advising whether there is any possibility that blepharoplasty cost could be covered by your medical insurance provider.

Although the cost of eyelid surgery depend upon varies factors, an average price for blepharoplasty in the United States is $2,500.

The price may vary depending on the region and state. Blepharoplasty is usually cheaper if the practice is in suburban or urban area. The most expensive state for blepharoplasty is New England, where an average price of eyelid surgery is $3,500. Blepharoplasty is the cheapest in south central or north central states — the price varying from $2,100 to $2,400. Bear in mind that the above mentioned price only covers a surgeon and physician costs.

You will have to add cost of anesthesia and other additional costs. This might be up to additional $2000. The price also depends on the extent of eyelid surgery. It is the highest if all four eyelids are fixed. Since you may also need additional facial surgeries, do not forget to add those to the total cost.

Finally, before deciding to have eyelid surgery choose the practice that would suit you best. Note that unwise saving on surgical procedures may cause more trouble. As there are quite a few factors that affect the price ofeyelid surgery , it is relevant for you to check as many practices as possible in order to choose the best value and a good, experienced doctor.

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