Double eyelid surgery

Double eyelid surgery or Asian blepharoplasty is one of the most popular plastic surgeries among the Asian population. Most of Asian individuals think that upper eyelid is more attractive and can help to look not so sleepy and younger, as well as allows for the ladies to create a more beautiful make-up. And this is not surprising, if we compare any sphere of our life we will find out that we always want something that we do not have a bit more.

The first mentioning of this procedure goes back to 1800 in the Japanese literature. An author of that article described the case when a surgeon created a fold to a second eye as the patient was born only with one fold at all.

To let you know almost half of Asian men and women are born without an upper crease or with the very low or weak one. The reasons for procedure differ according to an individual patient. In the very rare cases they want to look “more western”. In most common cases patients want to create a stable platform of skin above the lashes. Another part of patients desire to remove an excess skin or the fat from the fuller eyelids. Also for some people the drooping eyelids become an obstacle to see well that is why double eyelid surgery is a great help for their vision.

Asian blepharoplasty

Asian blepharoplasty has many differences from the Occidental one. First of all the differences relate to patient goals. In the Occidental eyelid surgery patients seek the rejuvenation for the upper lid. That is why the contingent is of older individuals. While the goal for the double eyelid surgery as it was mentioned is for creating a new crease for people with no crease or with the asymmetrical or unstable one. The most common patients in this case are in their twenties or young thirties. Comparing the number of men and women the latter seems to be more frequent one.

Technique of double eyelid surgery

The plastic surgery itself will have some stages. First of all you will discuss all the tiny things about the procedure and the healing period. The most important thing to discuss is your expectations and the reality. According to the shape and position of the eyelid crease as well as the height of the eyebrow the doctor would be able to tell and show you the result.

The surgeons may use different techniques. In most cases the small incisions are made and the excess fat and skin are removed.

There is an option to avoid the surgical intervention. Especially for young patients the procedure can be performed with no incisions at all. The results are permanent. If there is need to remove the fat or some extra skin this can be done with the special laser. Such surgery ends with no bruising and as follows you can return to work in a few days or a week.

Double eyelid surgery side effects and complications

After double eyelid surgery it is normal to swell and cold compresses can reduce the side effects (they are required to be used for two days). For some patients this cosmetic procedure can cause dry or sticky eyes what can be relieved by using eye drops or ointment. Speaking about the scars they are usually cured with the laser or hidden them with the eyelid folds. You are allowed to wash your face after 48 hours and the first signs of improvement start to show on the third day. Your stitches will be removed after five days.

As every plastic surgery this one might carry some complications as well. One of them is asymmetry. In this case you can expect to have another operation in a half year. Loss of crease happens very rarely but still happens. Ptosis occurs if it was failed to recognize a preexisting ptotic condition (it can be fixed using an open approach). If the correct approach was used and it happened so then it can be explained by some anatomical considerations. Retraction is question of time, usually it corrects over it. This depends on the type of technique was used. If it was an open approach then it is corrected by the suture method – incision is entered again and adjusted to the offending sutures.

Double eyelid surgery cost

To sum up, Asian blepharoplasty is a very popular surgical procedure in Asia and America and most commonly among women. There are various techniques each adjusted to individual situation. And the last thing to mention is the fee- it may cost you from 1000 $.

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