Botox alternatives

Botox is known to eliminate fine lines in the facial skin. However, not everybody would go for botox. And for such people botox alternatives might be a good option.

Botox alternatives

These are the main groups of Botox alternatives:

  • Filling agents or injectables include fat, Collagen, Gore-Tex and Fibril
  • Face peel with acids and lasers
  • Surgical procedures of forehead, face and neck

Injectable fillers can remove the wrinkles temporarily and improving the appearance by making it look more youthful, gentle and energetic. These substances may also be applied on the lips and cheeks to make them look fuller. These soft-tissue fillers may be used in combinations with other rejuvening procedures like facelift, laser treatment, and chemical peel .

Injectable Fillers

Collagen filling agents consist of collagen which is used in injectable form. A small injection is made in the area of a wrinkle and collagen fills a wrinkle leaving the skin with no lines. The results are permanent.

Another refiller used to correct lines is made of 75% bovine collagen and 25% Plexiglas microbeds. This product still await for FDA approval. These materials fill the wrinkles leaving the skin looking youthful. The results last for up to 3 months. This wrinkle refiller is most usually used to eliminate smoker‘s or lipstick lines.

The newest injectable approved by FDA is called Restylane. This product contains non-animal-based hyaluronic acid. This substance is injected to provide volume and fullness in the skin. Restylane is natural cosmetic skin wrinkle filler and no animal-borne diseases can be transmitted. The results of these products last twice as long as collagen injections – for six months.

Fat-injection procedure is widely used to remove most of the wrinkles. Fat cells from other parts of the body, like abdomen, thighs, buttocks and others are taken and reinjected into the area of wrinkles.

Botox alternative results

You should remember that the results of this treatment will only last for some time. These results are not as long-lasting as the results of the surgical procedures. Although the manufacturers claim that the results last for a few months or even half a year it is very individual and some people may be disappointed when the results disappear in a few weeks. Professionals suggest that the period of lasting effects may depend on the age, genetics, skin quality and lifestyle. Injectable fillers stay longer in some sites than in the other.

Botox alternative risks and complications

When an experienced doctor injects the fillers, complications are very rare but still are possible. The risk for complications depends upon natural physiological and anatomical features of an individual. The results of the treatment with injectable fillers can never be predicted.

Allergic reactions are quite often with collagen fillers. Therefore, your doctor will do an allergy skin test to find out whether you are allergic or not. The test site should be observed closely for 3 or 4 weeks. If you note any signs of redness, itching, swelling and other, you should inform your surgeon and he/she will decide if you may undergo treatment with collagen injectable fillers.

Fat is not associated with allergic reactions.

Other possible complications, associated both with collagen and fat fillers, include infection, swelling, abscesses and scarring. Bear in mind that these are very rare occasions.

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