Botox risks

Botox is a very safe and simple procedure, just like any other intervention it may have possible side effects and complications. Although side effects are very rare and no systemic complications were noted so far, you may want to take certain precautions in order to minimize the possibility of the side effects to occur.

Botox risks

You should not undergo botox cosmetic procedure if you are infected in the forehead area, i.e. where botox injections are made. You should avoid this treatment during the time when you are or might be pregnant. You are strictly not allowed to have botox treatment if you are allergic to this substance. Therefore, make sure you inform your doctor on these three conditions.

You should also tell your physician all the possibly important facts from your medical history. It is important to inform your doctor if you suffer from any disease that involves your muscles or nerves since it could interfere with botox. You should also let your doctor decide whether it is safe to administer Botox cosmetic during the breastfeeding period or the time when you plan to become pregnant in the future.

Note that some medical substances may interfere with the action of botox cosmetic. Therefore let your doctor know about all the medications that you use. Antibiotics, medicines that are used to treat heart rhythm disorders and medicines used to treat Alzheimer’s disease or myasthenia gravis are known to interfere with botox substance and cause more side effects. Also, make sure your physician knows all other medications that you use to treat various medical conditions.

Side effects are rare but still possible. The most frequent side effects include the following: headache, nausea, infection, and blepharoptosis.

In case you have any further questions about a botox cosmetic treatment, do not hesitate to ask your doctor. It is important for you to understand that only your physician can decide whether this cosmetic  procedure is for you or not.

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