Natural breast enhancement

For those women, who wish to have their breast larger but for some reason does not want to overcome breast augmentation surgery, there is a solution. There is an option, commonly called natural or non-surgical breast enhancement.

What is natural breast enhancement?

Natural breast enhancement is a method of breast augmentation without a surgical intervention. It involves a number of different products, such as creams, supplements and pills that have an action of enhancing the breast in a natural way.

How it works

Breast enhancement products usually contain phytoestrogens, plant estrogens, which act as stimulants of the breast tissue growth. These substances are non-hormonal, so there is no danger that they may interfere with natural hormonal balance of the body. On the contrary, they make the breast to react in the same manner as it did in puberty. This way, the breast gradually becomes bigger and firmer.

Phytoestrogens are an essential component of either breast enhancement pills or creams. There is no difference established between the action of creams and pills.

Natural breast enhancement results

Natural breast enhancement products do not offer instant results. Breast enhancement cream  or pills should be taken or used daily or even more frequently for three or four consequent months. By the end of the treatment results should be clearly noticeable and satisfactory. Some women claim that their breasts became in one or two cup-size larger after the completion of treatment.

Positive results of natural breast enhancement process include breast enlargement, firmer and younger breast looks. These results are claimed to be permanent. However, there is no one hundred percent guarantee that every woman will respond to the treatment equally, since its action varies from individual to individual. But many women have claimed of achieving very good and permanent effects of natural breast enhancement treatment.

In addition, women with large breasts may not experience breast enlargement effects but have reported to feel that their breasts are firmer after the treatment.

Best candidates for natural breast enhancement

There are no investigated contraindications for the natural breast enhancement treatment, and therefore the following best candidates for it are:

  • Women, who cannot afford to have a surgical breast augmentation procedure;
  • Women, who for some reasons are not able to overcome surgical breast enlargement;
  • Women, who wish to have larger breasts;
  • Mothers, who have lost their skin elasticity due to pregnancy and breast-feeding;
  • Women, who have lost weight and, hence, need to have their breast skin firmed;
  • Women, who need to enlarge breasts and firm the skin of the breasts after removal of breast implants;

Other descriptions

Although there are no known side effects, associated with the use of these products, diabetic women are known to have small response to this treatment. In addition, women who have low body fat, such as athletes and bulimic/anorexic patients, may not experience positive effects of natural breast enhancement process.

Bear in mind, that there is no scientific evidence for the action and efficacy of these products and no double-blind studies have been conducted, or results are not known, in order to get more scientific basis on natural breast enhancement products.

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