Advantages and complications of breast reduction

Woman, who decide to undergo a breast reduction procedure, usually suffer from a lot of different medical and psychological problems. Surgery helps them overcome these problems.

Complications of breast reduction

Reduction mammaplasty is a safe procedure when performed by a qualified doctor. However, it is not a small and simple surgical procedure, and as any surgery, it has some uncertainty and risk. Bear in mind, that complications are rare but still possible.

Possible complications and risks include the following: bleeding and infection. There could be an abnormal reaction to anesthetics, since the surgery is performed under general anesthesia. Sores around the nipples may occur. These can be cured with antibiotic agents.

Be aware, that this is not a scar-free procedure. There will be a permanent scar after the surgery. It will be visible only while being naked because a bra and bathing suit basically cover the scar. Some patients may have the breasts that will look slightly different from one another. They may also have unequally positioned nipples after the procedure.


You should keep in mind, that there is a risk, especially if your breasts are extremely large, to permanently loose the sensation in the nipples and areolar area. In very rare cases, the tissue of the nipples and areola may die, resulting in the loss of them. Additional surgery will then be needed and the nipples and areola will be reconstructed using the tissues from other parts of the body.

As the glandular tissue is removed from the breasts during the surgery, breast-feeding may not be possible in the future. Therefore, it is not recommended to have this type of surgery performed for women, who plan to breast-feed a baby in the future.

Additionally, smoking may increase the risk for complications. And hence, it is highly recommended to abstain from smoking for at least three weeks prior to and two months after the breast reduction procedure.

Finally, women, who follow the doctor’s advice, are more likely to heal quicker, experience more successful results and have fewer complications. Therefore, ask your doctor for all the possible information that is relevant to the healing process.

Advantages of breast reduction

Breast reduction is a safe procedure with significant results.

  • The breasts will look smaller, better-shaped and firmer after the surgery.

  • There will be less strain on the back and neck, which will result in the disappearance of the back and neck pain.

  • A woman will no longer experience indentation marks on her shoulders from bra straps.

  • Irritation of the skin underneath the breasts should be reduced.

  • If a woman experiences any breathing problems before the surgery, those should be absent after the breasts have been reduced.

  • A woman will feel more self-confident and comfortable about her body.

  • If reduction mammaplasty is performed after breast reconstruction of another breast, the reduced breast will look more alike in shape and size to the reconstructed breast. 

This type of surgery is more successful when a patient is mature, well-informed, has no additional illnesses and is realistic about her expectations.

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