Scars after breast reduction

Stacy, 31: "I have very big breasts that not only are unattractive but also cause me problems with skin rashes under them, headaches, neck, back, and shoulder aches, and breathing difficulties. So in addition to psychological discomfort I often physically disabled. The only way out I can think of is a breast reduction procedure, but I have a scar phobia if I can call it that way."

A breast reduction surgery has become a big opportunity for a lot of women like Stacy who feel uncomfortable about their looks. It helps to significantly change the size and shape of breasts and give a person more of the self esteem, confidence and comfort that are as necessary while being around man as they are while communicating with women.

Breast reduction scars

All scars of surgical nature are permanent. For example, mastopexy will leave deeper scars because the surgery is more involved: the more skin removed from the breast during surgery, the bigger the possibility to have deeper scars after it.

The scars are visible around the nipple; go vertically down from the nipple and is typically under the breast as well. The scars fade as time passes but they still are wide and will smooth out over 3 to 6 months.

How to Deal with Scars?

The best advice would be to leave this for your surgeon who will do everything that is necessary in order to make your scars as much unnoticeable as possible. Unfortunately, as every other kind of surgery, breast reduction can also have unpleasant complications resulting in really thick and wide scars that are difficult to hide. However, even in cases like this scars can be improved through scars reduction surgery. But it is still necessary to have in mind that breast reduction scars are white extensive lines that are permanent. But the good news is that scars are usually placed so that low-cut tops would not “bring them into surface.

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  1. [B]I had a mid cheek lift and a lower bleph. I have a bad thick scar under one eye. the same eye (left) has paralysis of the brow. I have read that this may be permanant! OH NO![/B]

  2. I had a BA on September 11th. I am experiencing depression. I had two required skin grafts (mouth) in August and then a hysteroscopy/laparoscopy last week. I am thinking I had too much done in a short time…maybe that is the problem. My breasts still don’t feel like my own so that is causing some uncomfortable feelings. I was wondering if anyone else has experienced depression after a BA? 😕

  3. I had a breast reduction and a tummy tuck on Oct.5. I was so excited for the first 2-3 weeks afterwards now all of a sudden I feel so depressed. It has only been a week of feeling like this,but I just want to be alone & not talk to anyone. I am not like this usually.

  4. A week ago I had my nose done, and right now I’m wondering if I’ve made a big mistake… I feel soooo down. I just wanted to have the little bump off the bridge of my nose removed and have it straighted out, and a little removed off of the tip… now I feel like I was perfect the way I was and I really didn’t need anything done…

  5. Sorry, I forgot to add something about the girl who got her breasts done and doesn’t feel like they are her own… I got my boobs done a few years ago, and at first they didn’t feel like my own either and I was a little depressed, however after a while they became my own… just don’t forget to massage them to make them softer =)… and remember they are yours

  6. I had a facelift and an upper andl ower bleph. It’s been 3 weeks and a day and I still have dark purple lines that look like a football players. It seems it will never go away. I’m definitely batttling depression with it as well :cry

  7. I had BA last month and have been depressed ever since….Dr Brauman decided right before the procedure to use smaller implants than I requested, but didn’t offer me the choice, the powerlessness I feel over his decision is overwhelming, I feel like I paid $8000 to be miserable since my reasonable size request was ignored…

  8. I had a full TT 5 weeks ago and although I felt good for the first 2 weeks I am now very depressed. My tummy is so hard, and the skin around my flanks and abdomen looks mottled, and there is some unevenness. My waist has only decreased 1/2 inch from the original measurement although my tummy looks tight. My doctor also took the liberty to cut me almost all the way around the back. I have mixed feelings about this – I was not consulted but I got a butt lift and my outer thighs have smoothed out. I’m wondering what I have done. Also my husband is having a hard time – it makes him very uncomfortable having sex with me. . .

  9. please help me… had two 5 hour liposuctions and since jan i have been in recovery… i nowam experiencing panic and depression because i feel weak and closed in,, just need to know this happens and i will improve thanks connie

  10. I just got my BA done A week ago I feeling the depression I have been crying every night until today….i kinda of feeling better a little but these thought go to my head like what did do, oh i wish i didnt do it, or what if something bads going to happen to me, or will i feel normal again, will i feel like myself again…..I hope to feel like me again and comfortable …..Im glad I found this site cause i thought I was the only one….i mean other people would you should be happy you got a boob job not everyone can do it becasue of money and all ….and another thing i the kind of person who cant sleep on my back and its hard to sleep good at nite and thats when i get really emostional and cry….today i had my one week post-op and doctor said its ok for me to sleep how ever i want but it feel uncomfortable to sleep on my stomack… will that change will it soften up feel like my own….i massaging it about ever hour or two….u know squeezing the bottom and top part on both sides and then bring them together for about together 10mint that the nurse said to do….anyhow someone write me back….I would really love to hear from u all….

  11. I just had BA,lift and tummy tuck two weeks ago. The first few days I was very happy with the new size of my implants. They was swollen alot and now they have went down alot,I have been crying all day and very depressed. I did lots of research before my surgery and decided on the implant size. I was way off. Im so depressed I dont even wont to leave my home. I feel like I paid thousands of dollars for nothing,well implants. Im ok with my tummy tuck. All I can think about is having surgery again but going to a different dr. It consumes my every thought. Am I normal to feel this way?

  12. it’s been 7 days since i had a BA and i can’t stop hating this whole process. i keep thinking this was the worst decision that i’ve ever made and i would like to have my body back. i feel very guilty and embarassed. i am trying to get my appetite back, but it’s very difficult to eat. has anyone ever had them removed?? i just want them out…

  13. well, I just finally find the “mirror haters” that I can talk to even it’s strange we all don’t know each other. I’m sorry for what you ladies had gone through, and since I’m also one of you, but first of all I just wanna say that you guys are all should be proud of the courage you got there.
    k, cut the crap,

  14. well, I just finally find the “mirror haters” that I can talk to even it’s strange we all don’t know each other. I’m sorry for what you ladies had gone through, and since I’m also one of you, but first of all I just wanna say that you guys are all should be proud of the courage you got there.
    k, cut the crap, I am a chinese guy. I got my double-eyelids surgery over 1 year ago cuz I was born with chinky eyes. but now I am not happy AT ALL with my new look although the surgery process went well, my friends started laughing at me and kept calling me gay. I was humiliated by being called a shame of Asian people. I wouldn’t even dare to talk to girls any more. So I totally understand the feeling of yours. I’ve been thinking about killing myself for a long time for all the guilt, embarrassment, and humiliation. But I guess maybe some of us are actually wondering how to get out of this trap because I believe that our intention of getting surgery is wanting to live happier with our lives. So I think that God knows how we feel right now and hopefully one day there is someway that can help us to feel comfortable with ourselves again.

  15. P.S from a man’s point of view, well though Im a china man, but still man :grin
    I think women deserve to be whatever they want, nothing in the world has more rights to be beautiful ratter than women. So I guess hoping for becoming beautiful is not a sin, although our biggest concern right now might be are we still healthy, or are we still the “old” ourselves… these shitty feelings really drive people crazy.
    what I can say is that I hope you guys will get over it eventually, and don’t give up on yourself cuz nothing is more important than yourself in this world. and also, I believe that if the people that are important to you still love you because of who you really are, they will not care about what you are concerned and they will help you making you feel like nothing has ever happened.

  16. one more thing, ah..I don’t know if you guys watch TV shows or not, I found “Heroes” might be a good one for us. It has nothing to do with surgery, but Im sure there something in there we can relate to.
    k. done :p

  17. I am 3 weeks post-op from tummy tuck and BA, I feel so depressed….is this normal? When I went in for my pre-op consultation this is the only thing that was never mentioned. I was told that I would be restricted to what I could do for a few weeks but no one told me that I would be crying day and night. I have 3 kids and I have to get my normal feelings back and get back to my old self. I never thought that I would have any regrets about having all the work done, I did it for myself because I was unhappy with the way that I looked every time I would look in the mirror. Please give me any suggestions that any one who has been through this might have……thanks

  18. Two weeks ago I had an upper bleph and a CO2 fractional laser on my face. I am so depressed and I am trying to figure out what is the main reason. I know one of the things that is upsetting me is that I was hoping for a more perfect result from the laser. I guess I thought that my skin would look perfect. I understand that it is suppose to appear better with time but I am just trying to be honest with myself. One of the other things that has me upset is I am wondering if I made a mistake with my eyes. My eyes were always my most attractive feature of my face and I am just impatient to see them look normal again, or normal for what they were before they began sagging. I also have had wonderful compliments especially for so early but one of my family members was really non comittal on the whole thing. Then there is the guilt for spending the money. I just want to feel elated and proud when I look in the mirror. I just wish I could be patient and believe my appearance will improve. Is this close to sounding like anyone else? I sure would like to know my feelings are normal and will go away.

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