Phenol peel

Phenol peel is well known in plastic surgery as the deepest chemical peel and is used for already more than 20 years. To let you know it uses carbolic acid to achieve deeper exfoliation. As follows it is fitting for patients with deep wrinkles around the lips and chin area as well as for sun damaged or pigmented facial areas. Results will not disappoint you, on the contrary when the treatment is complete, you can rejoice at smoother skin and corrected facial problems.

Naturally some precautions must be taken. Phenol peel is suitable only for face and is not recommended for patients with heart problems as well as for dark-skinned people. Your doctor will warn you about the long lasting healing process and some side effects.

Phenol peel procedure

Now is about the procedure itself. First of all it takes from 15 minutes to one hour, sometimes even two depending on what area you will be treating: full or separate one. Surgeon will apply phenol solution to the appropriate area avoiding the most sensitive ones around the eyes, brows and lips. Phenol peel works as anesthetic that is why no separate anesthesia is needed. At the end of the procedure skin is neutralized with cold water. One hour later your skin will be covered with a thick lay of petroleum jelly in order to form a protective crust.

After the procedure you might experience some discomfort: red skin, swelling, in most cases even eyes shut because of that, scarring, bleaching effect, also skin pores can be wider or become an obstacle to get tan. The main thing which can make you uncomfortable is skin’s whiteness. After the redness has disappeared skin color will change to white. That is why phenol peels are not recommended to dark skinned individuals. To keep the procedure safe a patient must warn about any medical problems, especially concerning heart. Because phenol peel can influence irregular heartbeat.

Another thing to be mentioned is freckles. Peel will remove them. So if your whole body is covered with freckles after the peel you might look unnatural. If any pain or other discomfort will bother you some medication can be prescribed. Avoid talking as much as possible during the first days and especially the sun without any sunscreen.

Phenol peel results

The discomfort begins to fade and the first results can be seen in two weeks. That means you can wore some make up and come back to work or appear in public other ways. The total recovery can be reached in two to three months.

The biggest advantage of such peel lies in its long lasting results. However it will not affect aging process. The new skin texture can be astonishing surprise for your self and for others. The best results can be achieved with the patients who have pale skin already because after the procedure the bleaching seems to be natural color for that individual.

Fees can vary from 500$ to 2000$ or more. The more facial area you desire to be treated the higher expenses are.

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