Facelift creams

As people get older, more and more of them starts to think about the aging process and how their faces changed through the years. Maybe you look into the mirror but what you see does not please you. You are not satisfied with how your face looks like and due to aging face is not the same as it used to be in the youth. And when you think that it is impossible to turn back the hands of time, you might be wrong.

There are a lot of beauty products that can help you regain youthful looks with plastic surgery . These are facelift creams that help you improve the appearance of the facial skin and diminish the signs of aging. These creams may also be used in order to intensify the results of various non-surgical facelift procedures.

Facelift creams

There are a lot of different facelift creams available on the market, they are all based on different methods, and all of them are advertised to have great results. In this article we will present you several facelift creams, and maybe it will broaden your knowledge on them.

Scientists had studied the impact of certain vitamins on the appearance of the skin. It was first thought that vitamins like A, E and C help to improve skin health only through oral use. These vitamins have antioxidative properties and can preserve skin and provide safety from damaging oxidation processes. Dermatologists had doubted earlier whether these substances can penetrate into the skin through it pores after topical use. New technologies have made it possible. Now it is certain that creams, consisting of vitamins A. E and C are known to have great influences on the appearance of the skin.

Vitamins C and E are antioxidants due to their ability to fight free radicals and decrease the environmental damage to the skin. Free radicals weaken the skin by thinning the dermal layer of the skin. Wrinkles are known to occur due to environmental damage, e.g. due to free radicals, and due to age. It was first thought that facelift creams enriched with vitamins could only neutralize free radicals but they could not stop the time. However, now it is clear that vitamin C helps collagen to reproduce itself in the skin, therefore helping wrinkles to disappear.

Other facelift creams are not only offering vitamin protection but also consist of collagen. This collagen in facelift creams is enabled by high-tech to get through the skin pores and create instant facelift effect. There are a lot of various brand names of such creams available on the market.

Another scientific invention that help people to look younger than they are for a longer period of time, is botox-like creams, that do not include botox and can be used at home without doctor’s supervision. These advanced non-surgical facelift measures involves chemicals that stop the facial muscles from contracting without an injection. A consumer should rub these facelift creams into the skin and wait for its effect. According to many consumers, the effect is just as fabulous as the one of a real facelift or botox procedure. In addition, it costs a lot less than other surgical or non-surgical facelift methods – therefore you can safe thousands of dollars by using facelift creams.

Home-made facelift cream recipe

For those, who want to safe even more and still get perfect effect, might want to try making a facelift cream by themselves. You will only need several cheap products available at the supermarket. This facelift cream is easy to make and it will not take too much time. And here is the recipe:

60 grams blended oils

30 grams coconut oil or cocoa butter

15 grams ounce beeswax

100 grams distilled or purified water

2-3 teaspoon active royal jelly

30 drops grapefruit seed extract

You should mix oils and beeswax in a bowl, then let it boil for about 8 minutes on a low heat. Do not forget to stirr from time to time. When this mass is melted, pour water after removing the bowl from the stove. Use an electric mixer to get a thick substance. Add grapefruit seed extract to it. And you have a home-made facelift cream. Put into glass jars for storage. This cream takes only 25 minutes to make and can be stored for 4 months in a cold dry place.

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