A minimum age for cosmetic procedures

For every plastic procedure there is a minimum age, which was regulated by FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration), it is a department of health and human services. What is the right age for the cosmetic surgery? – It is frequently asked question by people who are undergoing for cosmetic surgery, especially by teenagers. Different kinds of surgery (rhinoplasty, liposuction, breast augmentation, laser hair removal, laser eye surgery) requires a different minimum age.


Cosmetic procedure of the nose can be performed on men and women of almost any age. But it is usually recommended that young people wait until facial growth is complete – about age 13 – 14 for girls or 14 – 15 for boys. There is no minimum age requirement for this procedure, however, surgeons normally prefer that the nose would be fully developed. Many teenagers will reconsider their desire to get plastic surgery as they get a little bit older and already mature.


There is no true age limit, but 17 nor 18 is the minimum age the surgeons would consider. An issue of psychological and emotional development in teenagers must be taken in consideration. It is well known that many teenagers, young women and men, suffer from distorted body images. Many surgeons prefer to try to allow their younger patients to view themselves differently. Still surgeons suggest counseling at psychologist for teenagers who are particularly obsessed with negative body images and to wait for the time when he/she will be likely candidate for liposuction , it means at age of 18. Liposuction and other cosmetic surgeries are becoming increasingly popular among teenagers. Fortunately, patients under 18 still only make up approximately 1% of all patients having liposuction performed.

Breast augmentation

The average age for breast augmentation is between 19 and 34 years of age. The FDA will not allow any cosmetic breast augmentation under age 18 (it is acceptable to do reconstructive and corrective surgery under 18 years old). If health allows, there is no age cut off.

Laser eye surgery

There is no strict age requirement. Glasses prescription remains relatively stable at age of 20-21. The key to being a good candidate is that your glasses and/or contact lens prescription should be relatively stable. LASIK is safe for teens, but it is not recommended for most teenagers. It is best to have LASIK only when the eyes have stopped changing, which is frequently in the very late teenage years or during at ge of 20. If LASIK have been done before the eyes stop changing, patient will need to come back and have further LASIK after the eyes stop changing.

Laser hair removal

Although it is safe for people of all ages, professionals don’t recommend that teenagers undergo laser hair removal , because their system of hair growth is not fully developed. The laser removes what is present, but it doesn’t prevent hair systems still in the making from regenerating.. Better to wait a few years to reap the full benefits.

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