Depression after plastic surgery

Plastic surgery is a big step in your life. The need for it is more of psychological nature. And this is no wonder, because even a small change in your appearance can strongly affect your inside.

Signs of depression

Plastic surgery as every surgery has to be considered seriously and with a good emotional preparation because it may have some post-effects. One of them is depression after plastic surgery the so called post-operative depression. What is that? Many patients has a strong feeling of sadness, fatigue and lose of interests, which begins in three days after surgery when the appearance is not yet improving and can last more than two weeks.

The main factors of post-operative depression

The main factors causing depression after surgery are medications, post-surgical traumatic stress syndrome, constipation from the medications and more over a long period of just lying in bed and being restricted to many activities. The last one is supposed to be more difficult for men rather than women. Men usually reject their pain and not asking for any help make the recovery more difficult. Also the adjustment to new look, family and friends reactions, financial stress and the feeling of guilty for having the surgery at all may leed you to depression.

Depression treatment

That is why first of all it is very important to ascertain what to expect after plastic surgery and in such way to prepare yourself. Also you have to realize that the way you feel after is natural and will subside in time. Of course to deal with all difficult moments in life is easier together with someone. That is why the true support of another person is vital. The feeling that you can rely on your friend or relative and also your own surgeon whenever you need can make you feel better. The little of exercises can also contribute to better inside feeling (of course first of all consult to a doctor).

You have to understand that you are not the only one feeling this way. There are thousands of plastic surgery patients feeling the “after” impact not only on body but also in their mind. In order to make yourself feel better you can find a group of similar people to share experiences and recovery ways. It can also help you understand your thoughts and deal with them. Being social always helps. Do not forget to relax and care for your self.

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