Massage after cosmetic plastic surgery

Nowadays plastic surgery is very popular amongst people. It is commonly known, that decision to undergo the plastic surgery requires careful preparation. The main,”job’’ is to find all the information which is necessary to know (pre-operation, what is done during the operation, is doctor who performs the procedure is qualified enough, post-operation). The theme of this article will be related to post-operative course; especially the biggest part will be intended for massage procedures.


On the one hand patients who desire massage procedures can feel free to have gentle massage during recovery period; however, usually doctors do not prescribe massage. It would be much better to wear a compression garment even essential. It helps to reduce swelling and discomfort. Also the ice packs are advisable. It helps to disappear swelling and bruising. On the other hand, practice shows, that the majority of patients prefer massage procedures rather wearing garment a few extra weeks or to use ice packs compresses. Besides it depends on a surgeon and what part of the body was operated. Every case is exceptional. In fact some doctors claim, that if operation is performed in the abdomen or inner thigh area, the massage would be very useful. Patient can start the procedures in a few weeks. It is forbidden to start massage at one dash, because the time is needed for scars to heal.

Breast augmentation

Usually patients start the massage in a few days post-operation and then every few days until mastery is demonstrated. The surgeon who performed the operation will show how the massage should be done. Initially this procedure should be done every 2-3 hours for a few days, later 2-3 times a day about for three weeks and finally three times a day forever. The process takes approximately three minutes. The massage is used to keep the breast implants wide open, that’s why the implants stay soft, freely moveable, soft to the touch and natural-appearing to the eye. As it was said before patients who have gone through breast augmentation should massage them daily to keep them softer.

To compare liposuction and breast augmentation cases, massage procedures are more popular amongst those people who undergo the breast augmentation operation. The main reason is necessity. Surgeons strictly recommend to do breast massage during post-operative course. In liposuction case the massage is not necessary only if the patient wants to. There are more useful methods to improve physical condition during the recovery period after the liposuction operation.

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