Alternatives to laser eye surgery

Laser eye surgery become more and more popular, because it gives a possibility to put away glasses or contact lenses. However, there are people who don’t want to choose such alternatives. They rather prefer to use another ways to improve their seeing.

Sooner or later comes the time, when people feel that their seeing is not as perfect as before. What to do? – Laser eye surgery isn’t the only mean to improve seeing. The majority of people choose to wear glasses or contact lenses. It is affordable and convenient. It depends on a person. Some people prefer glasses some not. Others say that contact lenses are a better choice. Beside if there are some doubts which way to choose the best solution would be to contact with oculist and discuss other alternatives? Usually such possibilities are offered: lensectomy with intraocular lens implant – the natural lens is removed and is replaced with an intraocular lens implant; phakic IOL (intraocular lens) or ICL (intraocular contact lens) – insertion of an artificial lens without removing the crystalline lens; intracorneal rings – intracorneal rings are plastic inserts placed in the cornea. The rings flatten the central cornea in purpose to correct the nearsightedness (myopia). Intracorneal rings can be removed.If intracorneal rings are removed the cornea returns to its preoperative shape and nearsighted come backs; radial keratotomy – radial keratotomy is a surgical procedure. Its’ purpose is to remove or reduce ametropia (eyes with vision defects such as myopia, hyperopic or astigmatism are unable properly focus on light rays into a clear image. If ametropia occurs it requires corrective lenses or eye surgery).


With a help of RK the central corneal curvature is reduced; myopic or hyperopic keratomileusis or automated lamellar keratoplasty is used to correct nearsightedness and farsightedness – microkeratome is used to remove a thin slice of the cornea from the eye to reshape it for corrected vision; astigmatic keratotomy is a modification of radial keratotomy is used to correct astigmatism; myopic or hyperopic epikeratophakia – during this procedure the refractive error of the lens is modified by the transplantation of a donor cornea to the anterior surface of the patient’s cornea. All these procedures are related technically, the main difference is that every procedure is specialized on a different vision correction (myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism).

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