Laser hair removal results

After the period of treatment the hair will disappear, because hair follicles affected by the laser become lifeless and you are free to return to your normal routine. Look what some patients say, qoute: “I noticed a difference after the fisrt treatment. But it was after the second treatment that I noticed an amazing differnce. …I used to shave everyday. It has now been six months since the lats time I shaved. Now when I stop to look in the mirror I smile.” Barbare, Dallas.

Laser hair removal results

There is variety of such stories like this. Many people are grateful, for opportunity to begin a new life. Every second patient told that he/she wasn’t sure about the decision they made to try the laser hair removal, but after the treatment they were so happy taking a risk. From the scientific point of view there can be some risks after laser hair removal. As it was mentioned hair follicles affected by the laser become lifeless. The body will attempt to eliminate them off over a period of time. It will seem to you that the hair continues to grow for one to two weeks after the treatment, but in fact this lifeless hair will easily fall out. Also some redness may appear in the treated area. It usually disappears within one to three days. It is very important to follow the doctor’s recommendations and avoid sunbathes. The period depends on what area of the body has been treated. Besides after you completed a series of treatment the remaining hair will be finer and lighter in color. It means that after 3-4 treatments not all the hair will be removed, if you want to remove hair totally, you should take 4-6 procedures. The changes are permanent.

Forget about shaving, waxing and depilatory creams

On the other hand there is a great part of people which use another hair removal procedures (shaving, waxing, depilatory creams), but nowadays more and more people is in preference to try the laser hair removal. Using depilatory creams is unexpensive and painless, but after a few weeks the hair will grow again, the same story with waxing, just waxing procedure is mauch more painful. The shaving procedure must be done every day. The laser hair removal has one supereminent  advantage. When the treatment is over the follicles are damaged and there are no favourable conditions to grow up the hair again. Though the laser hair removal is rather expensive, solution to take a risk can change people’s life. They won’t worry about an unwanted hair in a prominent area of the body.

People, who really have serious problems with unwanted hair the laser hair removal gives a chance to start a new life without fear to feel them unattractive.

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