Ultrasonic assisted liposuction

Ultrasonic assisted liposuction (UAL) is a specific method of liposuction . This type of liposuction was firstly experimented in Europe and now it is very popular in the USA. “The results are wonderful”- says many well known lipoplasty professionals. This type of liposuction opened more possibilities for the plastic surgeons to remove high volumes of fat and make esthetic shape of the body. Basically, it opened more expectations for the overweight patients.

Ultrasonic liposuction is suitable for people having moderate amounts of fat to large amounts. The list of areas which can be treated is added with the back, male breast and upper abdomen. Also it is available for people wanting to correct the contours of the body or correct the anomaly of the body caused by fat collection

Types of ultrasonic liposuction

There exist two types of ultrasonic liposuction : internal and external. The main difference is how the procedure is performed. During the internal liposuction the ultrasonic wave is delivered internally that is to say by inserting a special canulla. External method of UAL is performed with the application of the instrument directly to the outer skin surface. This method happened to be an enthusiastic experiment and now is used very rarely. How does the ultrasonic energy work? The principle is simple – it makes the fat cells to move quickly which results in the fat cell break. Later on the fat is sucked. Such method is an advantage of not being so mechanical as traditional liposuction which requires many efforts trying to remove the cells with fat. If large amounts of fat need to be removed you will be asked to give some blood which can be used at the end of surgery as the blood transfusion.

Of course liposuction should be performed by a qualified surgeon. As this method is specific it requires practical experience the procedure to be safe and with nice results. After the procedure you will be allowed to go home with compressions covering the treated areas. You can feel some pain after also the areas will begin to swell. This will subside in time and in two months you will see final results.

Advantages of UAL

These are the advantages of ultrasonic assisted liposuction : it is performed with little bruises, blood is lost in lower amounts rather than during traditional liposuction, the healing is not so complicated and also is faster, the results are of long- term. Also this procedure can be applied on many areas which could not be treated with liposuction before. Of course it doesn’t mean that traditional way of liposuction will be forgotten just ultrasonic liposuction allows more choices for the patients.

The cost of such plastic procedure is higher than traditional one. As this technique requires more time to spend as more areas can be treated. In addition to that the instruments of UAL cost much more of traditional devices. But the results are worth the cost. Some times these two methods are combined and only little additional fee is added.

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