Wet and super wet liposuction

There are various liposuction techniques used in plastic surgery today. Wet and super-wet techniques are one of the newest ones and have a lot of advantages. These two methods are very similar to each other.

Wet liposuction

During wet liposuction method a certain amount of fluid is injected before the procedure. This fluid consists of intravenous salt solution, a local anesthetic substance lidocaine and adrenaline, a medication that make the blood vessels contract. This fluid is injected into the areas where fat is to be removed.

Injection of medical solutions has a lot of advantages and is preferred by many plastic surgeons. Due to these techniques fat are eliminated more easily. During this method of liposuction less blood is lost and anesthesia is provided for the plastic surgery. Due to fluid injection bruising is less visible after surgery.

During wet technique an incision is made on the skin. Then a surgeon inserts a tiny metal tube under the skin into a fatty tissue. This tube is moved around in the fatty tissue. Afterwards, fatty deposits are suctioned with the help a vacuum pump or syringe.

Super wet liposuction

The difference between a wet and super-wet technique is in the amount of medical solution injected. During super-wet technique the amount of fluid injected prior to liposuction is usually equal to the amount of fat to be removed. During wet technique a smaller amount of fluid is injected.

Techniques used in liposuction usually depend upon a surgeon, his/her professional skills and preference. Do not hesitate to ask your doctor for more information on the method of liposuction to be used, its advantages and disadvantages.

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