Reverse abdominoplasty

Excess skin above the belly button troubles many women. And this is no surprise. In many of such cases the main thing to blame is pregnancy, weight gain and weight loss. As big or flabby abdomen can make women feel unhappy the big part of them are sweating in the gym and trying various programs of body shaping which is sometimes not enough. There is always another option and in it can be an abdominoplasty . This time there will be an introduction to one of the specific type of it – the reverse abdominoplasty.

Reverse abdominoplasty

Reverse abdominoplasty is a very uncommon plastic procedure and is not offered by all surgeons. It might be used together with the breast reduction or breast lift (mastopexy). Or for those individuals whose skin above the navel is very lax. Still the main purpose stays the same – improve an abdominal contour and in this case especially in the upper part of the abdomen. And it appears that for some people the results can be achieved mush better by pulling the excessive skin upward rather than to the bikini zone. Of course the liposuction can not be avoided.

During the consultation the doctor will evaluate your health condition and determine the level of fat in the abdominal area. All your habits such as smoking, drugs, medications and so on will be examined. You will discuss the procedure it self and the results. Photos can serve as very good examples to create an impression how the look changes after the procedure. If you are a smoker you will have to stop it some time before the plastic surgery . Also if you take oral contraceptives you will be asked to cut down on them in order to reduce the risk of clotting after the surgery. To let you know that if your health is poor or you have the extensive abdominal scars you may not be a candidate for such surgery

Reverse tummy tuck surgery

How is it performed? The incision is made below the breasts in the lower portion of the rib cage in a shape of inverted V. The upper incision is made first. As the flap is pulled over the lower abdomen the lower incision is made. Not working under the large skin flap it is easier for a surgeon. Also an advantage of this procedure is that a patient can not be kept exposed for a long time due to the possible fluid loss. This procedure allows remove the excess skin and tighten the waist. The disadvantage goes for the vertical part of incision. Well the scar may be hidden by the breasts in some level.

The reverse abdominoplasty is usually performed on the outpatient basis. After the procedure you might still feel pain for a while. You will not be allowed to lift heavy things or reach them in a high level for more than a month. However you will be able to get back to work with these precautions in a week. This is not a scar free surgery and some minimal scars will be visible. And the complete results you will feel in about three months.

Speaking about the possible complications some patients gain fluid collection, begin to bleed, catch an infection, decreased sensation or wound separation.

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